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Unity and Capgemini help businesses implement metaverse initiatives

Unity, a market leader in the real-time 3D or RT3D space, offers a content creation platform for businesses and consumers. The company has recently partnered up with global IT and consulting company Capgemini. The two firms are joining forces and have also made a joint announcement of the same. They will be assisting businesses in finding and focusing on the possibilities and advantages of interactive and metaverse encounters across different industries.

Unity and Capgemini will be collaborating on the creation and deployment of tailormade solutions for different sectors, as well as services to offer customised platforms for clients. They will capitalise on their vast experience of deploying immersive and three-dimensional content to large enterprises across the globe.

The brands have entered into a partnership for several years. Under the terms of this deal, they will establish ideas and processes, and collaborate on cooperative R&D projects as a member of the Capgemini Metaverse Lab, to help build the upcoming Web3 ecosystem. The two companies will enhance the worldwide talent pool across industry verticals by developing a global resource pool of people trained on the RT3D technology by Unity. They intend to achieve this through joint training and recruitment initiatives. They will also assist one another in the areas of business growth, development of solutions, and sales projects, by tapping into the collective pool of market intelligence and know-how.

The alliance will concentrate on industries and applications that have the most potential of advancing through the use of digitised workforce and end-user experiences. These include many sectors including media, manufacturing, financial services, retail, life sciences, energy and utilities, public works, technology, and telecommunications.

As part of the collaboration, Unity is set to augment multiple feature sets of Capgemini, including design strategy, customer and employee experience (CX/EX), front-end development, integrations, and more. Capgemini, on the other hand, will help in advancing the technology platform of Unity by tapping into its expansive global presence, requirement knowledge, and in-depth experience.

Capgemini may additionally disclose market dynamics, as well as customer experiences to Unity, allowing the latter to enhance its vision. The expansive technical know-how of Capgemini in the domain of components can play a major role in the development, launch and enhancement of distributed Web3 and metaverse offerings to improve common client objective outcomes. Some of these technologies are mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, cybersecurity, 5G/6G, NFTs, blockchain, and IoT, among other things.

Furthermore, Capgemini is unveiling its innovative ‘Metaverse Lab,’ set to assist customers in the development and implementation of metaverse initiatives unique to different industries. as well as develop revolutionary practical applications and networks with collaborators such as Unity.

According to Capgemini, the cutting-edge Metaverse Lab offering demonstrates the way in which the firm is moving forward with its aspirations in the newly rising digital age. It acknowledged the contributions of its senior technological personnel, who are proven experts in the domains of technological pathways such as metaverse and Web3.

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