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Tvori Launches “ShapeXR”- A Rapid Prototyping Tool to Create AR and VR Content More Quickly

Now create immersive experiences and rapidly populate them with unique 3D assets using Tvori’s ShapeXR VR prototyping tool.

To create something unique, collaboration can often be the key factor. But sometimes, the task at hand could be a little messy and burdensome, especially when you fail to communicate your ideas perfectly. This is particularly significant in this age of remote working. If you don’t have your colleagues near you, expressing your ideas could be even more difficult through texts or calls. However, imagine yourself being able to present the same ideas via an interactive VR environment, that too in three dimensions. Not only it would make your job easier, but it would also improve the collaborative environment for everyone involved.

To help you with this very idea, Tvori has introduced a unique technology called ShapeXR. Essentially, this is a rapid design and prototyping tool that you can use to create VR and AR experiences directly on Oculus Quest headsets. You can also use this tool to collaborate with others in remote locations and share your project easily across the web.

While most VR and AR building tools tend to require some prior coding experience and feature a rather steep learning curve, ShapeXR tides you through all those hurdles and gets you to an easy onboarding process. It allows you to create hands-on immersive projects with your imagination alone, rather than struggling with intricate computer language.

Tvori is a US-based company that specializes in developing animation and storytelling software. The latest offering from the tech company, ShapeXR is a unique software solution for building VR and AR content. It could be a dream come true for the remotely working teams that seek more efficient ways to collaborate and communicate with each other on a project via Quest headsets. For those without a Quest, the projects can still be viewed on web browsers using Tvori. The software is also game engine friendly. This means that you can port any project into platforms like Unity.

Inga Petryaevskaya, Co-founder and CEO of Tvori stated that ShapeXR was a result of their creators’ own frustration with remote working. She said that while building Tvori, the team faced several hurdles in communicating with each other and were desperately missing something like ShapeXR. It has cumbersome to have productive interactions, iterate seamless projects. And test new features without any coding as a team in Unity. As a solution, they came up with a unique tool that helped the team ideate spatially and communicate in VR.

Petryaevskaya reported that the tool works much like VR apps such as Gravity Sketch or Tilt Brush. One has to use their touch controllers to access a suite of pre-designed functions and parts. The workspace is easy to navigate. It would take as much as five minutes to learn how things work in ShapeXR. You can create projects, adjust the size of the objects, share them with collaborators, perform live tests for bugs, and publish your work using the tool.

ShapeXR is now available on Oculus App Lab and is supported on both Quest and Quest 2 headsets.

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