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The Very First Look of PlayStation VR2 Finally Revealed

Sony’s much-anticipated console VR headset is heavily influenced by the design of the iconic PS5.


Sony has kept fans eagerly waiting with their hints and teases for the next console VR headset for a period longer than we care to admit. It was first announced almost a year ago and to date, no information was shared regarding its development or specifications. Naturally, the anticipation has reached a level of frenzy. To put us out of our misery, the company finally gave us the much-awaited news. Yes, Sony has finally unveiled the first look of PlayStation VR 2, the latest console VR headset. The company also shared the official specs with the fans in an official statement. But before we delve into the details, let’s have a look at the first appearance of this highly anticipated VR device.


If you look at the official image of PlayStation VR 2, the first thing that will attract your attention is its distinct orb-like design. Compared to its predecessors, PS VR 2 features a more rounded shape. According to the official statement provided by the company, the design of both the Sense Controller as well as the headset is directly inspired by the iconic PlayStation 5, the most popular item from Sony’s wide range of products to date. The goal, however, is to create a stunning VR device that fared incredibly well both in terms of looks and performance. In other words, Sony wanted to make the PS VR 2 in a way that not just looked good but played even better.

The overall design of the PS VR 2 is noticeably slimmer. Sony also promises a significant weight reduction for enhanced comfort and convenience. The brand-new device also features an adjustable lens dial, which allows the user to customise and adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD), resulting in the highest possible clarity in the visuals. The VR headset also uses the same headband and adjustable scope as the original PlayStation VR. You can find the 3.5 mm headphone jack exactly where it would have been in PS VR. After all, if it works, there is no need to fix something already made brilliantly.

Taking things to the next level, PS VR 2 does incorporate some innovative designs and specs. To begin with, the VR headset features a vented design located on top of the device. This vent allows better air circulation, which means the new PS VR 2 will have fewer problems of lens fogging and subsequently, a better in-headset experience.

In addition to the said improvements, the new PS VR 2 will also feature an OLED-powered stunning 4K HDR resolution (2000×2040 per eye), ultra-wide 110-degree FoV, and a smooth frame rate of 90/120Hz. The device will have a built-in eye-tracking technology as well, coupled with some brand-new sensory features such as enhanced motion control and headset-based haptic feedback.

No official statement has been made yet regarding the final price or release date of PlayStation VR 2. However, if rumours are to be taken into account, fans could expect a 2022 holiday release.

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