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The Secret is Out: Facebook’s Latest XR Headset “Project Cambria” May Soon Hit the Market

Facebook is working on the next generation of Oculus Headset that might be a game-changer in VR technology.


During the latest Facebook Connect event, the tech company and social media giant announced that the company is now going to be known as Meta. Apart from the change of name, a host of exciting changes and releases were also announced from the same platform, which might be a promising step up to Facebook’s Founder and CEO Zuckerberg’s ambitious vision of Metaverse. Out of all the announcements, the one that got the VR enthusiasts most hyped is the latest addition to Facebook (Meta)’s series of Oculus hardware. Given the code name “Project Cambria”, the mysterious XR device will reportedly have several pathbreaking features and in turn, offer a higher-end XR experience compared to the previous Oculus Quest 2.

Despite the obvious comparison, the company has made it clear that the new XR headset is, by no means, is an upgrade of the Oculus Quest 2. Neither is promoted as a successor to the previous series. It is indeed a brand-new product featuring a whole new range of higher-end specifications and features. However, it will be compatible with the existing Quest devices. The company has also mentioned that due to the higher range of features and technology, the product will come at a higher price. That being said, Project Cambria is going to be the most anticipated XR product in recent times, mostly because its exciting range of capabilities.

The new features will ostensibly include improved hand and eye tracking. Project Cambria will be designed with additional sensors that could monitor lip and eye movements. This will potentially result in more realistic VR avatars and in turn, more engaging and immersive virtual interactions. Facebook (Meta) has also reported taking steps towards offering a wider variety of customisation options so that the users can have more freedom and choice while creating their avatars. Angela Chang, Head of VR devices at Facebook (Meta) stated that the company wanted to make VR more accessible to everyone. She also said that diversity and inclusion were one of the major concerns in this upgrade. Therefore, the company wanted to make sure that the avatars represent a diverse range of skin tones and facial features.

During the Facebook Connect, both Chang and Zuckerberg took the time to showcase the XR capabilities. In the course of their presentation, they teased an XR workspace powered by the latest coloured Passthrough technology. The visuals of the output were remarkably clear, and one could grab a pen and paper to take notes comfortably, without even removing the headset. This is a significant improvement compared to the hazy, monochromatic Passthrough of the Oculus Quest 2.

Project Cambria is also said to offer a high-quality visual powered by what the company calls “pancake optics”. It works by folding light rays intermittently which results in a slimmer, more compact design.


According to rumours, Project Cambria might release sometime in 2022.

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