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The New “Bigscreen” Update Changes Your Remote Desktop Experience Forever

Explore the metaverse in a whole new way with the new and improved remote desktop feature of Bigscreen.

Bigscreen, the popular VR streaming app, has become a notable player in the forthcoming metaverse. It significantly expanded over the last few years and now is claiming its due space in the next-generation immersive experience. It began as a simple tool that helps you to access your personal computer from a remote location. In short, a remote desktop tool. However, it gradually evolved to become a full-fledged social VR platform. With Bigscreen, now you can meet up with your friends, family members, and colleagues in virtual space and collaborate with your coworkers, record and produce your own VR podcasts, catch the latest films in circulation at the virtual theatre, play games, and do much more using its Remote Desktop feature.

Since its introduction, not much was heard from the company in the last couple of years. However, this does not mean that they were not busy brainstorming some incredible ideas and working to develop them. In fact, the developer team has been working extremely hard behind the screens to bring forward a complete overhaul of the Bigscreen app. Finally, the company announced last week that it is going to officially launch its streaming update on HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and of course, Meta Quest. It was also said that the update will also greatly improve the overall streaming quality of the social VR platform.

The update is coming at an incredible juncture of time. More and more companies are leaping into the metaverse for better business as well as social opportunities. Therefore, it goes without saying that the expectation from the changing scenario is significantly high. At this point, Bigscreen’s major update are also anticipated to stand up to them. In response, the company promises to deliver on the expectations with improved audio and video quality in its VR experiences. This will be achieved using dedicated servers that reduce bandwidth requirements from its room hosts. As a result, users can expect better video quality, high-quality video artefacts, and seamless visuals.

The update allows up to 15 people to use the same room at a time. It also uses spatial audio for its voice chat feature so that you can identify who is talking to you. This aspect is regarded as crucial to delivering the authentic “sense of presence” in virtual reality.

The streaming update also supports streaming at 60fps over your LAN and high-quality, low-latency streams. It also makes streaming your Windows PC desktop to Quest easier. Not only this update will enhance your single-player experience but also improve your overall social VR experience.

The company, however, states that this is only the groundwork for a series of exciting and more phenomenal updates to come. This will lead to a more robust and satisfying metaverse experience in the future.

Bigscreen is currently available on Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.


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