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Taqtile announced equity round for its AR platform

Taqtile, Inc., a creator of the AR-enabled training platform Manifest and a supplier of augmented reality (AR)-based work training systems for deskless professionals, has made a recent announcement about the closure of a USD $5 million funding round.

The Seattle-based firm announced that it would use the money to strengthen its engineering and innovation departments, boost sales and promotional operations, and broaden its worldwide reach through its large partner base.

Along with Downer Group, which is a publicly traded Australia-based industrial and defence technologies integrator, participants in the funding round include London-based Mesmerise, a firm that develops corporate-level immersive AR and VR technology solutions. The 5G Open Innovation Lab in Bellevue, Washington, and the innovation-driven Ascend venture capital firm in Seattle, have both made investments in Taqtile.

Taqtile claims that the Manifest platform it offers organisations enables them to overcome the growing skills gap among front-line staff members executing critical and difficult activities. In a competitive labour economy where up to one-third of deskless workers are expected to retire in the space of a few years, The Manifest offering enables businesses to assist their staff with cutting-edge digital technologies and enhances the overall security and productivity of their operations.

CEO of Taqtile, Dirck Schou, said that defence, transportation, development, pharmaceuticals, aviation MRO, logistics, and other industries, all continue to experience strong adoption of Taqtile’s Manifest and its expedited rollout. He said that the worldwide partners of Taqtile are very essential to their purpose, and with this funding, the company will be able to support and enable its partner ecosystem even better.

Daglar Cizmeci, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Mesmerise, said To guarantee that the next generation of deskless employees learns fast and effectively in the face of an increasingly ageing base of workers, it is crucial to keep a record of proprietary knowledge. According to him, the company expects to adopt Manifest soon at its ancillary myTechnic, a sizable aviation MRO facility in Istanbul, Turkey. There, they envisage multiple different use cases with the offering.

Taqtile has Downer Group as a key partner and investor. Downer Group offers integrated solutions across Australia and NZ. To allow the shift of frontline work across the company’s 33,000-strong workforce, Downer is collaborating with Taqtile. According to Taqtile, Downer has already started a close collaboration and will intensify their cooperation on significant infrastructural and security operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Grant Fenn, CEO of the Downer Group, remarked on the collaboration, saying that Downer and Taqtile’s collaboration will improve how the former carries out its front-line job. The offerings Downer provides to its customers on a regular basis have an influence on the lives of countless individuals across NZ and Australia. Fenn said that hence it is important to rely on cutting-edge technology to achieve better operational safety, and efficiency.

Nokia, Booz Allen Hamilton, Verizon, CACI, T-Mobile, AWS, Accenture, and Microsoft, along with many other companies are some of Taqtile’s partners.

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