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Sony Finally Unveils the next-Generation Console VR Headset PlayStation VR 2 During CES 2022

Rumours are abuzz that the highly anticipated console VR headset from PlayStation will be soon available for purchase.

This holiday season was all about VR headsets. During the latest CES event held in Las Vegas, Shiftall unveiled their latest VR Glasses. The weeks before witnessed the most dramatic rise in popularity of Meta Quest 2 and the Oculus App in recent times. As VR fans are eagerly looking forward to more exciting apps and games, all hell broke loose as a sudden rumour spread on Twitter.

As 2021 was about to end, a tweet from @SadlyItsBradley claimed that Goertek, a reputed Chinese hardware manufacturer will be responsible for the mass production of Meta Cambria and PS VR 2 in the coming days. Of course, we are eagerly awaiting Meta Cambria, the first non-Quest VR headset from Meta (formerly Facebook), but the excitement was palpable as soon as the news of PlayStation VR 2 headset came out.

It has been more than a year since Sony announced a next-gen VR headset for the PlayStation 5. However, the company has refrained from sharing any more detail about the teased product until recently. Bloomberg also published a report in June 2021, which claimed that Sony is expected to PlayStation VR 2 sometime around the 2022 holiday season.

Ending all the hype and curiosity, Sony finally unveiled the console VR headset earlier this week. During the official CES press conference held in Las Vegas, the company did confirm that we are about to get the PlayStation VR 2, a next-generation VR console headset specifically designed for PlayStation 5.

Along with the official release, Sony also unveiled the first look of the console VR headset and teased the chock-full of features it is going to display. To our ultimate delight, PlayStation VR 2 is getting everything we dreamed for—from exciting new sensory features to improved visuals. It is also rumoured that fans will be getting an exclusive new game called Horizon Call of the Mountain, based on its popular franchise Horizon Zero Dawn.

The facts we are sure about, for now, indicate that the PlayStation VR 2 will feature a powerful 4K HDR resolution (2000×2040 per eye) powered by a smooth frame rate of 90/120 GHZ and a stunning OLED display. The much-anticipated rumour of PS VR 2 having eye-tracking is also coming true. The company confirmed that the hardware will feature built-in eye-tracking to be used for a variety of purposes, including improved character models and foveated rendering. It is expected to enhance the social VR experience of the users leveraging the enhanced expression and heightened emotional responses enabled by more realistic interactions. PS VR 2 will be using its patented new sensory features to enable this aspect, which in turn will be powered by headset feedback technology.

As promised, Sony is also going to introduce improved controllers in PS VR 2. As for new, the innovation is being called Sense Controller and reported to eliminate the need for the PlayStation camera. Instead, the headset itself will be tracking the said controller via inside-out tracking.

There is still no official news on the release date or purchase price of PS VR 2.

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