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Snapchat Introduces ‘Monumental Perspective’- A New AR Project to Place Digital Monuments across Los Angeles

Snapchat, one of the pioneers of augmented reality, introduces their brand new AR project called Monumental Perspective. This project aims to enable its users to view 5 AR artworks exploring the history of the region and representation for communities, which will be placed across the city of Los Angeles.

The digital artwork project is the latest addition to Snapchat’s exploration of augmented reality as a creative and artistic medium. The company, in an attempt to utilize AR as a form of presenting modern artworks, has launched several endeavors since 2017. During their first AR art installation, Snapchat featured digital sculptures created by artists like Jeff Koons and placed them across various locations for their users to view and enjoy. Previously, Snapchat also teamed up with the renowned British painter Damien Hirst when they launched ‘City Painter’—their first charity-inspired AR art project which is placed in Carnaby Street, London.

New Pathways

Through these experiments, Snapchat is carving new pathways for AR, not just for gimmick-driven or novelty purposes but also as an effort to establish AR as a genuine form of art and promote the medium. The AR art projects have reportedly provided a notable platform to many artists, both new and veterans, and have presented them to a large-scale audience.

Monumental Perspective

The current AR project, titled Monumental Perspective, is conceived and developed by Snapchat in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The digital monuments in this project are created by artists as well as technologists who are involved in Snap Inc. as a part of Snap Lens Creators. These monuments can be viewed by the users through the dedicated Snap camera available on the Snapchat app from anywhere in the world, but it is recommended that their importance and beauty will be grasped better if they are viewed on the spots that inspired them.

Maximize representation and advocacy

Through this specific digital art installation, the company is seeking to maximize representation and advocacy in the field of art while adding to the conversation around historical accuracy in murals, artworks, and other public artworks. This is also a prime example of how contemporary technology is advancing today’s creative capacity while exploring new platforms for artists and creators to connect with more audiences.


Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, is a member of the Art+ Technology Lab Advisory Board of LACMA. They entrusted LACMA to choose the artists while they funded the project, executed research and promotion, and helped develop the artworks. The project features 5 digital artworks, including Ruben Ochoa’s ¡Vendedores Presente!, Glenn Kaino’s No Finish Line, Mercedes Dorame’s Portal for Tovaangar, Ada Pinkston’s The Open Hand Is Blessed, and I.R. Bach’s Think Big.

Michael Govan, the director of LACMA said that the chosen AR monuments are not only relevant to contemporary issues of the region but also are a commentary on the local history, communities, and civic space.

The project will reportedly add more AR monuments in the coming years. If you are not in Los Angeles, you can view them on Snapchat as well as on LACMA’s website.

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