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Singapore’s new $5 million AR studio is the first of its type in Southeast Asia

Oceanus Media Global (OMG), a media-tech business in Singapore, has recently opened a production studio outfitted with technology similar to that used to construct virtual sets for the Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian.

The walls of the $5 million Ubi Road facility are adorned with LED screens that showcase lifelike backdrops developed and generated within the famed Unreal Engine 4. It is a 3D technology option commonly incorporated in animated movies and video games.

Physical camera movements in the workshop are coordinated with simulated movements. This provides the sense that anyone standing in front of the LED screen is within the virtual world.

OMG is a part of the Oceanus Group, largely a food technology company.

Nick Tan, Chief Executive, OMG, stated at the studio’s launch on Thursday recently that the technology can be utilised in several productions, encompassing those like conferences, training sessions, presentations, live concerts, films, festivals, music videos, and TV show production. He went on to say that the studio is the first of its type in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Tan explained that the studio will function as a medium for clients to gain a sufficient level of familiarity with futuristic production instances.

According to the CEO, the debut of its brand new Futurealistic Studio can uplift the standards for virtual media productions in Singapore. He hinted that the team is pleased to be leading the charge of immersive development in the industry.

Recently, the company demonstrated multiple demos of the technology available at the workshop, such as a cinematic show set in the woods, which is a presentation featuring 3D data visualisations and a dancing virtual alter-ego managed by a performer backstage in a motion-tracking suit. It also shows cars being made in a production plant.

Mr. Tan stated that the business is in discussions with numerous clients, such as a regional TV series and a song video.

OMG has already worked on multiple sizable augmented reality productions, such as the National Day Parade last year. Some former customers include gaming hardware producer Razer, which hired OMG to develop its RazerCon online conference for the last two years, and a  rapper named Shigga Shay. He did a set of livestream performances comprising MR concerts where he put on a motion-tracking suit that rendered his moves on-stage to that of a simulated avatar.
OMG has utilised its production venue to build a digital annual general meeting (AGM) feature for its parent company, and this was streamed to investors recently.

At the meeting, Oceanus Group CEO Peter Koh gave an overview and participated in a discussion panel with the firm’s executives in a virtual environment which simulated a condominium erected on a floating dock with water and highlands in the backdrop.

OMG also revealed its goal to expand its existing staff to 75 employees over the next two years during the recent launch event. It is trying to expand its workforce to boost immersive feature production.

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