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Shoot Your Own Anime Band to Stardom with BEAT ARENA, Now Available on Oculus Quest

Konami Entertainment launches a new anime-themed VR rhythm game BEAT ARENA. Users can access the multi-instrumental KONAMI arcade tracks via Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.


US release
Good news, all you anime lovers! Konami Entertainment, the renowned Japanese VR gaming company’s popular multi-instrumental VR rhythm game finally made its way to the United States. The exhilarating immersive musical experience is already making waves in Japan and select Asian countries where it was first released. Now, users can also play this VR rhythm game where Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 are already available.

Yu Sahara, Director at BEAT ARENA elaborated some unique features of BEAT ARENA during the US release and said that they set the incredible VR game miles apart from its existing conventional counterparts.

Become a rockstar
According to Sahara, players will be able to play their favourite tracks from Konami and start their own anime rock band to groove in front of a raucous virtual audience. It is designed to be a multi-instrumental VR rhythm game, which means you play the adrenaline-pumping tracks using a bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and even a piano. Besides playing the tracks, BEAT ARENA also lets you create your own virtual rockstar avatar. You can customize your looks by choosing your own face, hairstyle, outfit, and other accessories.

Game play
Similar to any other conventional VR rhythm game, Konami’s BEAT ARENA uses touch controllers. Once fired up, the VR game will shoot musical notes at you. You will then have to hit the corresponding notes as they fly directly towards you, using the said touch controllers. When you play in the multi-player mode, a cool feature named “Crossover Time Session” enables you to play the popular tracks and jam out with your bandmates asynchronously.

The game also has a Replay Mode that lets you relive previous jamming sessions from different angles, as well as capture cinematic videos directly within the headset. Sahara remarked that this is one of the most unique features of BEAT ARENA. You will also find a cool tambourine that you can play to hype up the eagerly waiting crowd. However, the fan-favourite aspect of the VR rhythm game is said to be its Replay Mode.

Although your ultimate goal while playing BEAT ARENA is to aim for the top of the leaderboard, it is also going to be an incredible experience for all anime music lovers. It allows you to try out various musical styles and deliver remarkable performances. You can play four different musical instruments, funk up the tracks, and also dabble with the cool tambourine to spice up things. To celebrate the US release, Konami has announced that they will release an additional set of 10 brand-new tracks, and most of the tracks are in English for the larger audience to enjoy.

BEAT ARENA is now available in the United States for a very nominal price. All you need to have to access the game is either an Oculus Quest or an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. However, the regions where Oculus Quest/ Quest 2 is yet to be available, will have to wait some more to try their hands on this exciting VR experience.

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