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Scope AR To Innovate Employee Learning

At DevLearn 2022, Scope AR recently announced the release of WorkLink Quizzing, a dynamic augmented reality (AR) solution for improving and reviewing aptitude for the purpose of practical tasks. WorkLink Quizzing, the new offering, enables businesses to create and distribute the newest educational and development materials for their employees. It helps to achieve that whilst enabling cutting the expenses of conventional instructor-led training (ILT) without sacrificing the results of training. The WorkLink platform for business augmented reality from Scope AR now includes WorkLink Quizzing.

Scope AR co-founder and CEO Scott Montgomerie remarked that by providing a set of tools that nearly anyone can use to construct a test or information assessment in augmented reality without needing any prior coding experience, WorkLink Quizzing heralds in the era of immersive content for development and education professionals. He added that businesses can quickly enrol, coach, and instantly assess employees anywhere around the world with the addition of these rating and evaluation tools in the WorkLink platform. Montgomerie emphasised that it offers the next best thing to a real-life instructor coming into the space to teach students.

In-person instruction has historically been the accepted practice for learning and development. Trainees frequently need to go to consolidated facilities because it is costly and time-consuming to deliver and control. Due to low learner engagement and a lack of essential spatial context, current remote learning solutions, although successful in decreasing commute and raising frequency, have failed to produce consistent outcomes with 2D modalities. In the industrial, aviation, and medical device sectors, such issues are particularly significant for important hands-on applications.

These issues are resolved by WorkLink Quizzing, which offers a brand-new, extremely interesting platform, along with 3D realism that effectively mimics the physical cues of close-quarters instruction. When using WorkLink Quizzing, trainees have previously documented having a positive impression. Furthermore, without having in-depth programming expertise or experience in 3D, the WorkLink platform and its element applications offer all of the tools required to make it simple for any education designer to create an AR course. Instructions and assessments are promptly made available on a variety of hardware and software, including smartwatches, tablets, and phones.

WorkLink Quizzing’s robust scoring and evaluation results, which incorporate test or information checking fulfilment, pass or fail statuses, graded scores, quiz time, and retry efforts, is also available to instructional planners. The WorkLink API makes it simple to incorporate the statistics as well as additional pertinent information into SCORM-compliant LMS or learning management systems.

VP of Sales Darin Medeiros remarked that he has devoted his professional life to introducing cutting-edge innovation to the top education and training businesses. He revealed that the company’s training clients have given positive feedback regarding WorkLink Quizzing, and are convinced they want to keep using it. It is a solution that’s at the leading edge of training innovation. He said that he thinks augmented reality learning will significantly outperform the conventionally used techniques that have been proven to be ineffective and uninteresting to training recipients.

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