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Real estate agents in Aylesbury use VR to present properties

The company utilises cutting-edge innovation to create interactive visualisations of properties located in the surrounding area.

Aylesbury Real Estate Company has begun incorporating virtual reality (VR) technologies into their virtual house tours in order to improve the user experience.

At the moment, 4K 360-degree cameras are being utilised as promotional tools for buildings in Aylesbury.

Aylesbury’s We Sold It asserts that it was one of the very first businesses operating in the residential sector to implement the cutting-edge technology.

Users can watch as real estate salespeople take them through properties that are displayed on their mobile devices, and they can take advantage of the virtual visits by wearing virtual reality goggles.

Gary Nunn, the creator of We Sold it, remarked that WeSoldIt was founded on the principle of constant innovation and the provision of the highest quality service to its customers. He said that the team saw how VR might improve the capability to show clients around their prospective homes in a thorough, engaging manner sans them actually being there. With digital convenience driving almost every business today, they saw this as the next logical move.

Nunn said that customers have responded positively and curiously to the virtual reality excursions. They like being able to step within an establishment without leaving the comfort of their very own home, which saves them both money and time on transportation and offers a viewpoint that can’t be captured in a photograph or video. Potential buyers may get a feel for a house as if they’d been really there with the help of 4K 360-degree virtual property trips, which enable them to see the premises from every aspect.

The enormous support received from customers indicates that the company made the correct decision, and is happy to be regarded as the very first real estate agency in the UK to implement the aforementioned technology. As part of the company’s efforts to remain at the forefront of the real estate industry, the team wants to continue investing in cutting-edge tools like virtual reality (VR) to better serve clients. He expressed that there is a feeling that this strategy is a gamechanger, but also helps the brand’s customers significantly.

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