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Rations Spaceport Offers People the Chance To Escape From Reality.

Sarah Shafer and Dan Jimeno, Rations Spaceport’s owners, are offering people an opportunity to escape from reality and enter a different realm witnessed only in films like “Tron”.

Rations Spaceport presents VR escape rooms and laser tag and promises a fun-filled time. At present, the owners provide two separate VR escape room systems and the VR laser tag. These two unique arenas feature software from separate developers. The first arena consists of laser tag and escape rooms from one developer while the other one presents Ubisoft’s escape rooms, the company behind “Assassin’s Creed”.

Completely different world

Participants need to wear a VR helmet and hold the right-hand controllers to step into a completely different world, where they can forget that it is not real. With the availability of both physical and virtual reality escape rooms, customers can personalize their experience and choose either virtual reality’s deeper escapism or the hands-on-method of conventional rooms.

Save Santa’s Christmas

Shafer said that while they have similar themes, it is an entirely different beast. She thinks that she would attract the same niche crowds that have an interest in puzzles. Shafer further said that in virtual reality, people do not physically touch things or explore their environment. In a digital world, one can do things they could never do in the actual world like, save Santa’s Christmas or diffuse a nuclear missile.

Rations Spaceport is still going through the beta-testing phase and is not ready. Its first traditional escape room will have a John Brown theme and fit the Harpers Ferry location. Also, its players will get to be time travelers. The other room, which is still under-construction, will be more sci-fi based.


Jimeno and Shafer are not gamers by nature. The idea of escape rooms first caught their interest when they indulged in a traditional one with their family some years ago. They then felt the need for such a facility closer to their home. Shafer said that they did their first escape room in St. Louis and described it as a great time. Later, a Disney trip further cemented the idea. Shafer talked about her experiences at The VOID in Disney Springs, which she found to be phenomenal.

Jimeno plays a crucial part in virtual reality experiences. He watches users from the command center that is positioned outside the VR arenas and guides them whenever they get stuck.

Virtual Laser Tag

Additionally, the place will have a second virtual laser tag that will be set-up in a room that was initially planned as an event area. Next to this section, the couple also plans to set up a virtual educational place where students can completely immerse themselves in science. Shafer, a former science professor at a university and a homeschool parent herself, sees the beauty in fully experiencing science that might be impossible or unsafe in real life.

Green Screen studio

Their sons have designed a green screen studio area that will further enhance the experience. Rations Spaceport is actively following every COVID-19 guidelines like, frequent sanitizing, wearing masks, and social distancing.

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