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Nreal becomes Xreal to stand up to competition

Chinese manufacturer of AR glasses Nreal said recently that it has changed its moniker to Xreal in order to better reflect its recent growth into Europe and fresh offerings.

A new gadget dubbed Xreal Beam was unveiled by Xreal. It is described as a iPod-shaped gadget that can be linked remotely or physically to personal computers, video game systems, and smartphones. The last three months of this year, according to Xreal co-founder Peng Jin, will see the business enter European countries.

Recently, Nreal, a manufacturer of augmented reality (AR) spectacles in China, announced a rebranding to Xreal, an identity that the company thinks would reflect its growth into the European market and its most recent offerings.

In an interview with CNBC, Xreal co-founder Peng Jin said that the “X” in the company’s new logo symbolises the company’s expansion beyond what they envisioned as feasible and draws attention to future AR applications. The business, whose goods are currently available in China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, intends to enter the European marketplaces in the latter part of the current year.

The biggest major firms around the globe, like Apple and Meta, are now investing in augmented reality, or AR, which enables digital pictures to be superimposed over the actual environment. It is a fundamental piece of equipment in the much-hyped metaverse.

The Xreal Air and Xreal Light headsets from Xreal have distinct designs that resemble spectacles and are powered by the business’s own OS named Nebula. Developers may create programmes for Nebula that consumers can utilise with Nreal headphones, just as Apple does with iOS for its smartphones.

When users don their headsets and access an application, they will be presented with a magnified view of the material being viewed. However, Nebula is currently solely compatible with Android smartphones. Xreal introduced an innovative piece of hardware recently dubbed Xreal Beam, which the company described as a “iPod-shaped device” that can be linked directly or remotely to mobile devices, gaming systems, and computers.

Because of this, the headset may be used by practically anybody. The video game sector forms one of Xreal’s primary focus domains. If you have a gaming system like a PlayStation, you can hook it up to Xreal Beam and use the glasses as a simulated TV for enjoying your favourite games.

Xreal claims to have sold 150 thousand units worldwide since becoming official in 2017. Without providing exact figures, Jin indicated that Xreal’s goal for the next year is to increase sales volumes significantly. He said that greater rivalry is a good thing for the industry.

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