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NJII and ViRvii Announce Partnership to Redefine Online Education and Workforce Learning With VR

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) recently announced a formal joint venture agreement partnership with ViRvii, Inc (ViRvii). ViRvii is a technology and platform provider that creates VR and AR-based experiences involving educational, art and music elements for its users. Based on the terms of this partnership, NJII and ViRvii are set to join forces for spearheading development for the workforce development, commercial training and academic education sectors.

The companies will work together to provide varied and scalable education experiences online with Cross Reality (XR) which combines AR, VR, sophisticated computing and camera technologies, and machine learning.

ViRvii is creating a sturdy VR system for facilitating a new approach for people to learn, play and interact with both affordable and high-end headsets. The company’s platform, combined with its development environments, and VR/AR experience distribution is quite exhaustive. The ViRvii team comprises of several experts specialising in gaming, streaming and immersive technology.

Newark-based NJII will contribute to the partnership through services such as event hosting, content development, sales and marketing, and programme management for ViRvii’s platform.

Dan Kaminski, the General Manager and Senior Vice President of the NJII Data & Technology Division, remarked that the company’s strategy of achieving its potential leadership in the online education space consists of expanding the reach of its platform. He said that the company has plans to expand the platform to universities, biopharma and medical training organisations, law enforcement agencies, and organisations across several other sectors.

NJII and ViRvii announce partnership with VR.

The VR classroom offering for educational instructors and institutions encompass the ability for students to both visualise and psychologically react to experiences. Instructors can use the available technology for gauging and analysing the outcomes and the performance of students. VR curriculums can use custom interactive data obtained from trainees to disclose insights regarding their learning experiences and progress. Training sessions can be undertaken across varying time intervals, and in any location, for the convenience of students. Looking past conventional development and design enabled the team to explore asynchronous sessions efficiently and create a system to boost training and learning speeds.

Juan Dueñas, Co-Founder and CEO, ViRvii, expressed that the company’s team was enthusiastic about entering the partnership with NJII, to facilitate the integration of interactive and immersive VR content for education. He remarked that the partnership would also help to promote meaningful experiences around the world.

ViRvii has already been successful in helping musicians and users create their respective worlds for immersive musical experiences. ViRvii has also recently announced an agreement with Facebook’s Oculus to gain distribution and funding ViRvii content for the Oculus immersive platform. The company’s new partnership with NJII will carry forward it’s ambitions of immersive technology development.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, along with current events have sped up the demand for learning mediums that are more engaging than conventional ones. Engaging mediums can solve issues related to instructors not being able to teach students in person. The ViRvii platform revolutionises the immersive learning experiences of students significantly. The company’s partnership with NJII may result in the creation of enhanced XR storytelling and experiences far beyond the scope of conventional online learning.

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