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Niantic & Deadmau5 are Developing Planet-Scale Musiverse

PIXELNYX, the renowned gaming platform is partnering with Niantic to create a collectible musical experience. The company claims it is going to be the first-ever music multiverse.

PIXELNYX, a popular gaming platform, is gearing up to create the first music multiverse in the world. The gaming venture is created by producer/ DJ Joel Zimmerman, who is popularly known as Deadmau5. He is reportedly teaming up with gaming pioneers Dean Wilson, Ben Turner, and Inder Phull to build the industry’s first-ever AR music game. The creative team will be collaborating with Niantic, the company that is responsible for trailblazing AR experiences such as Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom, Ingress, and the upcoming AR title Transformers Heavy Metal.

To create this music multiverse, PIXELNYX will leverage the technology of Niantic’s Lightship Platform and AR Developer Kit (ARDK). The ARDK enables creators to build engaging augmented reality experiences that inspire exploration, connection, and movement at a global scale. This will be now used to develop a unique mobile app for PIXELNYX’s new gaming platform.

PIXELNYX announced that the venture to create a music multiverse was a long-nurtured dream. The new virtual world will empower music lovers as well as artists to create an interactive environment, which can also be monetised using playable experiences, virtual performances, and NFTs. Players can collect prizes, songs, and in-game assets on this platform just by playing the game.

Through the collaboration with Niantic, players will be able to explore the virtual world, visit physical locations, and attend live concerts to collect exclusive NFTs that can be used in the game to unlock further assets and music.

The venture is a part of PIXELNYX’s initiative called Empowering Creators in Mixed Worlds. Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELNYX stated during the announcement that as the worlds of music, gaming, fashion, art, and culture collide, the gamified virtual reality is bound to take inspiration from the new trends in this metaverse. He also stated that in the coming future, gaming is going to consume most of entertainment and culture in general, and gaming mechanics will become more relevant in our everyday lives. This drove PIXELNYX to create a new platform that will keep people connected in the upcoming days.

PIXELNYX’s platform will serve as a launchpad for budding developers and hopes to nurture music and creativity in a gamified virtual world. The company promotes the platform as a brand-new canvas for the creators. Also, they are set to transform the way people consume music. Phull said that it would be interesting to see how musicians and fans would use this platform to interact in the future.

The platform is created in PIXELNYX Labs, which is an incubator program to provide developers with necessary support such as funding, technology, advice, celebrity IP, etc. The company is striving to launch the platform by next year.

Be prepared to see a flurry of stunning 3D NFTs with playable experiences coming out in the first quarter of 2022. The music metaverse is going to change the music industry forever.

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