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New Wearable Gadget Can Control AR Headsets

The Chinese VR hardware giant, Goertek, has introduced a ground-breaking concept for effortless AR headset functionality.

The company’s novel wearable gadget, “Link”, is a reference design for a smart bracelet that pledges to transform how we engage with intelligent glasses. The Link features a spectacular 1.64-inch AMOLED screen and multiple sensors capable of precisely detecting gestures and movements, ensuring a smooth and captivating AR experience. This wearable device can also connect to an AR headset via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC), making its usage effortless and versatile. Get set to take your AR involvement to the next level with Goertek’s Link.

An Augmented Reality Bracelet

A ground-breaking advancement in wearable tech is the implementation of an AI-driven gesture recognition algorithm that empowers users to easily manage their smart glasses. This cutting-edge technology permits wearers to browse through their devices using uncomplicated gestures without the need to press buttons or touch the screen. This attribute is especially advantageous when interacting with the augmented reality headset gets inconvenient or uncomfortable. Thanks to this novel AI-enabled gesture recognition system, users can enjoy a more instinctive and convenient experience with their smart glasses.

Goertek smart glasses offer a range of everyday functions that make life easier. From answering calls and setting reminders to controlling music playback and capturing moments with the built-in camera, these smart glasses are designed to simplify your daily routine. With Goertek, you can enjoy the convenience of a hands-free device that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. The Goertek smart glasses are a versatile accessory that provides an array of useful functions to simplify your daily life. With features such as call answering, reminder setting, music control, and camera capture, these smart glasses are tailored to make your routine easier. The hands-free device allows you to enjoy maximum convenience.

Meta is Being Challenged by Reference Design

The functionality of smart glasses reaches new heights with the advanced proximity control technology of the distance sensor based on ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Smart glasses can be easily unlocked thanks to the sensor’s enhanced capabilities. In addition, your smartphone can also incorporate this advanced sensor, eliminating the requirement for an AR headset. Other hardware from the same manufacturer benefits greatly from the unmatched versatility of the sensor. The exceptional accuracy and reliability enable endless possibilities for the future of wearable technology.

Meta is at the forefront of research on AR wristbands, with a particular focus on innovative technology. Their latest device uses electromyography to monitor brain electrical signals and transfer them into computer instructions, opening up possibilities for a range of exciting applications. Alongside Meta’s research, Tap Systems is also developing its own wristband, TapXR, which might completely change how we engage with technology. This ground-breaking device tracks finger movements on a tabletop, effectively replacing the need for a traditional keyboard. Both Meta and Tap Systems are exploring the limits of what wearable technology can do, and their innovative developments promise to shape the future of human-computer interaction.

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