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New LBVR Squid Game Challenge in Sandbox VR

The most-watched Netflix programme in history will be gamified by one of the top XR gaming businesses in the world.

Wednesday saw the announcement of a significant partnership between Netflix and high-end location-based virtual reality (LBVR) offerings provider Sandbox VR for a cutting-edge VR gaming endeavor.

Through the company’s partnership with Netflix, customers can access a custom Squid Game VR experience. The series has amassed over 1.65 billion watching hours and is now the most-watched TV programme in the history of the streaming service.

The immersive technologies of Sandbox VR will transport viewers into the television series utilising unique VR gaming technology. The solutions include innovative proprietary motion capture (mocap) technology for full-body tracking and superior haptics for responsive game realism.

These solutions enable users to use their bodies as controllers by providing exceptional hand, eye, and mocap tracking. The San Francisco, California-based company offers six unique experiences based on famous film titles and exclusive intellectual property (IP).

Sandbox VR’s gaming experiences are created by a team of AAA game developers, enabling up to six individuals to collaborate in completely immersive environments. The gaming experience will debut later this year.

Players have the opportunity to compete in a “last-person-standing” fight by taking part in any one of the many memorable tasks that have been adapted from the famous Netflix series. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to access video recordings of their games and review gameplay from times gone by.

The news comes at the same time that Sandbox Virtual Reality is expanding into thirty more locations all around the world, the most recent of which is in Holborn, London, in the United Kingdom. The company is still included among those in the augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) industry which is growing at the fastest rate.

In addition to Vicon, Sandbox VR also came together to build a substantial partnership. This comes after Sandbox used its own technology in the creation of Amber Sky 2088 VR, which included the free-roaming capabilities of Sandbox VR.

Vicon’s LBVR systems provide accurate motion tracking in real-time, allowing for truly immersive, co-op gaming experiences. All 26 of Sandbox VR’s sites are now equipped with technology developed by Vicon.

For spatially-aware VR experiences, nothing compares to Vicon’s newest Valkyrie camera technology. It has 380 frames per second from strobeless, 7-megapixel VKX cameras with automatic calibration.

Moorehouse’s remarks come as the firm prepares to participate in the SIGGRAPH conference, held in Vancouver, Canada from August 8-11. There, it will present its newest camera system and network with professionals in immersive technology and augmented and virtual reality.

In a major effort to capture immersive and e-commerce businesses, Netflix has also joined the Metaverse by submitting a number of patent applications and intellectual property (IP) applications for gaming.

The 200 million-subscriber video streaming service wants to use immersive technology for interactive entertainment and on-demand games.

Further developments are expected in the future regarding this form of technology.

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