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New AR Platform MediAR Showcased by BlackRhino VR

Africa’s First No-Code AR Platform Unveiled by BlackRhino VR

Kenyan tech firm BlackRhino VR, which focuses on XR innovations, has introduced an AR platform. The “MediAR” framework aims to facilitate the quick development of augmented reality (AR) assets by digital artists in the cultural domain, eliminating the need for coding.

A cloud-based, drag-and-drop editing and publication infrastructure is available to content developers using MediAR. Making augmented reality material has an uphill battle when it comes to programming, but this is beneficial.

Furthermore, makers will be able to make money from their work via a pay-per-view subscription thanks to the platform’s comprehensive revenue sharing model. This concept enables companies and content providers to thrive together in the digital environment, according to BlackRhino VR.

Using immersive VR material, BlackRhino VR, which was founded in 2015, aims to transform the African perspective. The platform was developed in light of the desire to use augmented reality to open Africa’s artistic industry, according to BlackRhino VR CEO Brian Afande, who spoke at the inaugural event.

According to Afande, their main goal is to help the youth of Africa, who are the creative minds of tomorrow, gain greater abilities so they can increase the scope of their breakthroughs. They also want to make technologies like extended reality easier to obtain so that everyone can use them, and they hope that these technological advancements will help Africa’s economy and society grow.

The CEO also thinks that the website might help highlight Africa’s talents in finding answers to the continent’s problems. Further, he said that they also aim to debunk the idea that Africa is merely a user of innovation and show that there are actually many creative African technology options.

The worldwide anticipated reality (XR) market, which encompasses AR, VR, and MR, was $29.6 billion in 2022, as reported by Statista. With an estimated worth of more than a hundred billion dollars by the year 2026, the company is certain that the continent’s economy and development will benefit from the incorporation of XR technologies into other areas of society.

Augmented reality may produce complete immersion wherein linear plans seamlessly convert into 3D algorithms, said Longino Muluka of BlackRhino VR, who is in charge of VR and VR. In this instance, for example, the company is in the midst of a creative and technological revolution that is revolutionising the building business with groundbreaking visualisation tools.

Starting with the arts and entertainment, the business goes on to detail how technological advances may transform the agricultural and educational industries.

According to Shamina Rajab, the Managing Director of BlackRhino VR, the tectonic change for schooling will result from implementing AR in educational settings wherein fluid educational settings will be developed as abstract ideas transforming educational settings into interactive encounters.

Not only are they seeing technological advances at work at the intersection of AR and farming, but they are also seeing a force for good social and economic transformation. Abraham Kyalo, COO of BlackRhino VR, stated, AR democratises agrarian insights by overcoming inequalities in information availability, giving growers the resources they need to make educated choices.

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