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Mixed Reality Headset from Apple Could Perform On Level of MacBook Pro

Apple’s under-development mixed reality (MR) headset can pack a punch and is being considered as powerful as the brand’s famed MacBook Pro devices. Although the company is not focused on the metaverse based on its reports, the new headset is set to have some innovative features. For starters, it utilises a 96W power adapter that the new version of the MacBook Pro also uses. In addition, a dual-chip architecture makes sure that the headset will be capable of delivering high performance.

The mixed reality headset will bring a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. It also lets users switch between the two based on their preferences. According to earlier reports, the device was set to have multiple cameras, come with HD displays and possess sophisticated gesture recognition technology.

Ming-Chi Kuo, famed Apple analyst known to be a credible source of Apple-related news, revealed news about the device having the powerful adapter. Speaking to investors, Kuo revealed that based on a survey, the adapter used will be the 96W variant made by Jabil that has identical specs as that of the MacBook Pro charger. As a result, it is most likely to charge at a fast rate.

According to Kuo, the use of a high power adapter is an indication that the headset may perform well. Currently, the 96W adapter is among the most robust options offered by Apple. Kuo emphasised that Apple plans to use the adapter signifies that the upcoming headset has applications that are a lot more powerful than those of the iPhone and on par with the MacBook Pro. This report can be considered credible because there has been an earlier claim made by Mark Gurman that the device may have performance that surpasses that of M1 Mac processors.

The newest report by Kuo sheds further light on the chips. It says that the device will have two chips, with one of them having a 4-nanometer specification whilst the other one has a 5-nanometer specification. According to Kuo, the specifications are higher than those of earlier assumptions. Naturally, the new MR headset would require a powerful charger. Elaborating further about the device, Kuo said that Apple’s technology might be quite advanced compared to what its competitors are offering.

Moreover, the powerful headset from Apple signifies that it can come with a considerably high price tag. According to an earlier estimate by Kuo, the device may retail for more than $1,000. More recent estimates by Display Supply Chain Consultants analysts suggest that the price can be way more expensive compared to Kuo’s figure. This can be due to the dual chips that are rumoured to be in the headset.

The mixed reality headset may be launched by Apple in 2022 itself, although there isn’t much more detail about a potential launch date. Kuo estimates that the technology giant will release limited numbers of the device initially. It may increase production in the next few years based on response.

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