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Minecraft VR Finally Arrives on Meta Quest VR Headset

The wildly popular video game from Mojang is now available on Meta’s bestselling VR headset.


Minecraft is arguably the most popular video game out there. Now, fans can enjoy their favourite game in VR as well via Questcraft. This is a standalone VR port for Minecraft: Java Edition, which gives players access to the full game experience in virtual reality. But there is more to the story. You can play the game through this portal without any gaming PC. The VR experience also includes support for cross-platform multiplayer options as well as motion control.

Questcraft was developed as an unofficial port by a team of indie developers. To build this, they used PojavLauncher and MCXR. The port can also run certain fabric mods, which is an experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft. One of the developers of Questport revealed that it is a direct port to Minecraft 1.18. This means that players would require an official Minecraft account to play, the same as you would need in Vivecraft, the popular VR mode for gaming PC VR.

According to Flamgop, a member of the Questcraft developing team, the port used an Android wrapper for the game known as PojavLauncher. It allows Minecraft to run itself on Android. The developers also stated that instead of Vivecraft, they used a similar modding fabric known as MCXR. They also explained that this modding fabric works visibly better than Vivecraft, so it was an automatic choice for making this port happen.

Those who have got the chance to play Minecraft in virtual reality will surely tell you how incredible the experience could be. The highlight of the VR version is how well the game translates itself into the immersive format. Minecraft fans have been asking for an official Minecraft VR port for the game ever since as soon as Oculus Quest was first introduced back in 2019. If we count the 2016 edition Minecraft: Gear VR edition out of this, Questcraft is the first step to address the fans’ request. Although it is not official, it is the closest the fans can get to their dream of immersing themselves in the world of Minecraft.

Questcraft is now available on both Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. You can download the game itself completely free of charge. However, as previously mentioned, you would require an official account with Minecraft to play the game in VR. The game setup could be a little tricky for some people. Therefore, to help the users, the Questcraft development team has put up an elaborate tutorial video to guide them through the process.

A Questcraft trailer is also launched recently to shed light on the stunning features of this Minecraft port. The trailer also reveals that the developer team has plans for a highly anticipated SlideQuest release, which is currently under development.

For more information on Questcraft and Minecraft VR experience, you can check out the official Discord site of Questcraft.

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