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Mechdyne AR Tool Enhances Reviews and Prototype Usage for Several Industries

SmartAR™ can be integrated with current workflow components to generate digital CAD overlay capable of performing swift positioning over physical models to facilitate change visualisation and real-time annotation.

Mechdyne Corporation, a technology company with notable achievements in the field of immersive visualisation systems, has recently introduced a new augmented reality (AR) tool that facilitates intelligent idea capture and directioning during design reviews. The new offering amalgamates current production tools for generating and making a CAD overlay available onto a tablet device. The CAD model gets into position on top of physical prototypes for change visualization and real-time annotation. Feedback relayed on to the engineers is precise and can reduce prototype iterations and for designers and engineers in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Mechdyne has integrated the review capability within the workflow of a prominent international automotive manufacturer.

SmartAR offers a direct reference between the ideas of designers for change and the CAD model. The CAD engineer can understand the requested changes with greater ease. SmartAR captures ideas talked about in design reviews and offer annotated images containing precise spatial references for action items which CAD production teams can utilise. A conventional Windows-based tablet with optical motion trackers can be utilised by designers to draw comparisons between colours, fixtures and design elements colours and fixtures within the computer-generated model to the physical version of the prototype. The tablet produces an image that maintains an identical size while representing the real-life model, which may be a clay model or a prototype.

The tablet and the user moving around prompts the CAD model to readjust to remain precise for the physical prototype model. The virtual model can refer to exterior information including the colours, internal components and surfaces underneath the physical surface, akin to an X-ray.

SmartAR enables easy detection of mechanical component issues or gets a visual perspective into proposed prototype model changes. For example, mechanical operation 3D animations of wing flaps or hinges can be laid onto the aerospace model for greater clarity regarding clearances. The tablet was also seen overlaying a range of colours and textures to the seat of a vehicle, leading to a reduction in the number of physical iterations required.

The connection established between the CAD workstation server and the tablet is bi-directional and integrated using the TGX remote desktop tool from Mechdyne. TGX facilitates remote access for complex models and graphics-heavy datasets in distant locations with low latency and less bandwidth use. The user moves the tablet around the physical prototype, prompting the motion tracker module to maintain the precise position of the CAD model with respect to its location in real-life.

SmartAR does more than letting a user create specific notes and recording observations with their tablet. The offering can capture a joint picture of the CAD image and prototype. This picture can then be imported to the CAD model production in the precise location and orientations of the prototype.

SmartAR currently supports many leading production tools and CAD programs.

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