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LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Using AR Technology for New LEGO MYTHICA Launch

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is relying on augmented reality (AR) technology for launching a new IP and park area called ‘LEGO MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures’. The augmented reality feature has technology solutions from Zappar and will be made available through the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort mobile application. It will enable visitors to get a fully immersive experience and they can explore the area to get a deeper look into the LEGO MYTHICA backstory.

Zappar lets brands develop and deliver augmented reality experiences to their customers through native applications and mobile web avenues. They also have the option of enjoying the immersive encounters without having to download an application. The company has stated that the technology from Zappar is instrumental to delivering the LEGOLAND immersive experience to viewers. Using such technology in the resort shows how augmented reality can be used to deliver better value to visitors. They can use their smartphones to embark on an immersive journey that complements their real-world one.

Enhance awareness

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort aims to enhance awareness regarding its new IP, to enhance the level of understanding visitors have regarding the background and the characters within. Visitors to the venue get to participate in several AR activities whilst going around the park.

To enjoy the AR experiences users need to have the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort application installed on their device. The application needs to be downloaded before they can enter the resort site. As they explore the LEGO MYTHICA area, they will discover statues of four mythical creatures in LEGO form; Hydra, Chimera, Sky Lion, and Alicorn.


Real characters

The real characters of these statues are shown to visitors once they scan specific plaques with Mythica codes present on statue plaques. Visitors can experience the characters in augmented reality and also witness them bringing the Mythica realm alive for them. They can choose to click selfies with the different creatures, get digital character cards, and get deeper into the backstories of each through the application.

Different locations

The 3D portals that appear in augmented reality space can be viewed at the park and anywhere else the user prefers. Using the app will enable the user to go around four different locations to gain a better idea regarding the LEGO MYTHICA universe.

Inspiring creativity and providing entertaining content

LEGOLAND Marketing Director and VP Global Brand Ash Tailor spoke about the experience, saying that Mythica is a venture for inspiring creativity and providing entertaining content for children. Tailor elaborated further, saying that the company is the first in the UK to bring the combination of a flying theatre and augmented reality to create an imaginative experience for viewers. The LEGOLAND Windsor resort AR feature is an immersive experience with mythical creatures.

Excited to participate

Caspar Thykier, the CEO and Co-founder of Zappar, spoke about the collaboration with LEGOLAND, saying that the company was excited to participate in the project, creating new IP and delivering its expertise in AR technology. Thykier expressed hope that the AR experience is received well by LEGOLAND visitors.

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