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Las Vegas Holds a Unique Environment-Friendly AR/ VR Art Exhibition

Las Vegas’ newest attraction is an immersive extended reality art experience built from environment-friendly recycled materials.

Since the past few decades, concern for the environment has been taking up a major space in all aspects of human life. From politics to the economy, pollution and environmental degradation seem to have a significant impact on everything related to our daily life. But as history has shown time and again, it could be rather difficult to get people to care about the planet and its environment. While issues such as climate change and global warming are becoming pressing with each passing day, a great number of people merely choose to pay attention to these concerns. What should have been a universal concern is gradually becoming a hot-button issue for many around the world. That being said, there are still responsible people out there who are continuously working to raise awareness about the increasingly worrisome situation that we gradually finding ourselves in.

Among the people relentlessly striving to make the world a better place, Arcadia Earth has been a notable name in recent times. A New York-based art exhibition, Arcadia Earth employs an extraordinary combination of innovative technologies to provide visitors with an immersive experience focusing on the burning issue. The creative team of Arcadia Earth has created a mixed media wonderland that highlights all the raging concerns of the environment and climate change. Recently, the group has opened a second Las Vegas location of their unique extended reality art. In this exhibition, visitors can explore a vast 15000 square feet area of VR and AR art as well as various other immersive media installations, all highlighting the issues of the environment.

The next-gen exhibition is composed of a total of 15 exhibits. They emphasise a wide variety of ongoing environmental crises, ranging from icecap melting to the loss of biodiversity and plastic waste. The exhibition also includes a coral reef diorama which is enhanced by interactive augmented reality elements. It also features a giant virtual reality aquarium and a VR room that takes visitors closer to a wide variety of different flora and fauna.

The entire exhibition is created by a team of environmental artists using different upcycled materials. This makes the show one of the very few environment-friendly art exhibits in the USA, if not the only one. In addition to the said immersive art installations, the exhibition also features a variety of educational art highlighting the same theme.

The official press release of the art exhibition stated that the purpose of the event is not to leave visitors without hope. It also makes a point to emphasise the current developments that might bring in positive outcomes. For example, in the room that highlights water scarcity and drought, guests learn that the state of Nevada has significantly reduced its water consumption in the last couple of years.

The exhibition holds the objective to educate, enlighten, and empower the visitors. Each exhibit has a QR code that guests could scan and learn more about the initiatives they could take to conserve the respective environmental element. Some exhibits also link directly to Arcadia Earth Marketplace, from where visitors can purchase comprehensive reusable items to help reduce their environmental footprint.

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