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It’s Official! “Among Us” is Getting A VR Remake

The big reveal was made during The Game Awards 2021 held last week.

On 9th December 2021, the long wait was over for many VR game lovers. Among a bunch of exciting new launches, the popular sci-fi murder mystery game Among Us announced its official VR remake. Published by Innersloth in 2018 for both Android and iOS, the online game has already made splashes all around the world. Now, keeping up with the growing popularity of virtual reality, the experience is ready to undergo an overhaul and come back as a VR multiplayer game.

The Game Awards is an annual marketing event hosted by universally renowned journalist Geoff Keighley. The event is organised each year to recognise and honor the best games of the year, as well as hyping players for the upcoming titles. Each year the event witnesses several promising world premieres, and 2021 was no exception either. But the most exciting aspect of this year’s reveals was the notable surge of VR games. The emerging technology has shown up in full force in the domain of online consoles and PC games. The most anticipated moment of the event, however, was Among US VR edition.

One of the most popular online games now, Among Us has kept its fans on the hook since its release in 2018. It is essentially an online multiplayer game available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices (Android and iOS). An American sci-fi-based murder mystery, Among Us is all about strategy, observation, and deception. You will need to ramp up your deduction prowess to succeed in this game. It is also a multiplayer experience where you can team up with 14 other players and form a team to complete the quests set in a series of sprawling, unique environments.

The twist, however, is that one of your teammates is an impostor and would fight tooth-and-nail to sabotage and thwart your progress. The impostor will try to sabotage your equipment or simply kill off one player after another. And it is your task to find out the culprit before they jeopardise all your efforts in the quest. If you notice any suspicious activity or straight-up catch the impostor in action, you can call a group meeting to hold a vote to eliminate any player. But be sure not to remove any innocent person, for too many wrong choices will only help the saboteur win the challenge. Remember, amidst all these, you will have to keep an eye on your progress in the quest and finish the tasks in the given time.

Sounds fascinating? Then imagine how this will make you feel when experienced in virtual reality. The stunning locations, thrilling tasks, and your teammates will all come to life in this immersive makeover. The creators have also announced new skins (avatars), customisation options, environments, and tasks for the upcoming version of Among Us.

The VR edition of Among Us will soon be available on PC VR, Facebook (Meta) Quest 2, and Playstation VR Headsets. An official release date is yet to be announced.

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