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Irish Donegal County Museum and ARway announced interactive AR experience

The ARway Company has begun a digital transformation test program for an Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience including navigation and content for the Donegal County Museum.

The 60-day pilot is a component of The Public Link, a wider ERNACT (European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technologies) initiative on European digital transformation. It is the first endeavour in what is believed to be a much greater possibility for enterprises of a similar kind across the European Union.

There are now 12 active Digital Transformation initiatives within the ERNACT network of regions, comprising 50 regions and 60 businesses. The ERNACT network has created a template for cities as well as regions throughout Europe to follow when cooperating on digital transformation initiatives within the European Union.

The ERNACT network has created a methodology for improving coordination among European projects so that they may better serve the Smart Specialisation and Digital Transformation needs in various areas. They do this through executing globally creative initiatives in areas including digital innovation hubs, AI, IoT, VR, public services, tourism, smart power, sustainable communities, innovation strategies, SMEs, fisheries, and rural development, among others, and sharing what they learn along the way.

The ERNACT team used the ARway platform to build the self-serve pilot project in Ireland, and its goal is to instruct and educate customers.

The primary display of the Donegal County Museum in Letterkenny, Ireland, tells the narrative of Donegal right from antiquity to the 20th century. The museum is home to a sizable collection of objects that pertain to the past and legacy of County Donegal. Temporary exhibits on a variety of subjects are offered all year round, accommodating visitors of all ages and tastes.

To offer a fully interactive experience, the pilot project incorporates voice recordings, AR/3D models, notes, and navigational guidance around the museum.

With the purpose of collaborating on financing, development, and knowledge transfer possibilities related to the digital transition, ERNACT was established in 1991. Public sector institutions, such as municipalities, regions, and educational institutions, form networks to apply for and receive European Union digitalisation grants and other financing possibilities.

ARway is an augmented reality navigation tool driven by AI in the physical world’s metaverse. It supports marker-based tracking with QR codes, allowing for improved AR navigation and wayfinding services in vast, multi-purpose settings.

When entering the venue, guests may scan a QR code to get a map with instructions to any Point of Interest (POI), access information about the POIs they visit, and engage with rich augmented reality (AR) content and experiences whilst they are there.

Using interior navigation and AR activations to enhance the visitor experience in big, complicated venues, the ARway solution offers an infinite number of use cases for enhancing real-world locations in the metaverse. With value propositions across several sectors and use cases, ARway expands the market for Nextech’s 3D/AR technology offerings, enabling usage by artists, businesses, and brands.

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