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In Rogue Ascent, Your Index Finger Transforms Into a Lethal Tool

The thrilling game Rogue Ascent is now available in its complete version at the Meta Quest store for just $25.

Fans of the game will be excited to know that new tactical suits, Tesla coils, and gadgets like totems for landmines have been added to the game. Moreover, the game now supports HandTracking 2.0, making the gaming experience even more realistic and immersive. One of the game’s most exciting features is the hand-tracking functionality, which allows your fingertips to become lethal weapons. The Meta Quest 2 tracking technology enables players to extend their index finger, and the game will transform their hand into a powerful weapon, be it a sniper rifle, laser cannon, or even a galactic poison syringe. The level of realism achieved by this feature is unparalleled, making the gameplay incredibly addictive and immersive.

 Use Your Finger to Kill Your Enemy

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure in the Rogue Ascent universe by donning your VR headset. This game offers high-speed action and a unique hand-tracking capability that is sure to captivate you for hours. The idea implemented in this game is that you don’t have to pull the trigger to destroy your enemy; the game itself shoots automatically. All you have to do is aim your finger gun at your adversary (it could be a flying drone or an alien), and the gun will automatically fire bullets in their direction.

Experience the thrill of using two-handed shooting in the game. But that’s not all—the developers of this exciting game have added an extra layer of challenge with smart tactical reloading. It is another exhilarating feature that makes this game so realistic. As you raise your index finger, you’ll notice the gun in your hand rotates around it, adding a touch of classic Western flair to the game. Your objective is to escape a besieged space station overrun by relentless robots and extraterrestrial invaders. You have to find and grab all the available rooms to put up a greater resistance against your adversaries.

Amazing gameplay

Experience a highly polished game with stunning graphics and advanced features. In this game, each level is meticulously designed and divided into square fields. Simply aim at one particular square using an open palm technique to quickly escape detection from both security cameras and security personnel.

Experience incredible virtual reality movements that look and feel real with this game. As you and your team navigate through the squares, you’ll need to quickly react to ricochets by diving on your side or bending your knees. And with the ability to sneak a quick peek around corners on your real-world pitch, you’ll be able to tactically eliminate any detected hostiles that you have identified on your scanner. Get ready for an immersive and exhilarating experience like no other. The complete edition comes with a wider variety of challenges than its previously released beta counterpart. This makes it an even more enjoyable and engaging experience that lets you play for long stretches at a time.

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