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Immerse Yourself in the Soothing Voice of Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the Beautiful Universe of Maloka Meditation App

Everyone’s favourite astrophysicist will be your guide in this stunning VR wellness experience for Quest and Quest 2.

As days go by, modern lives are becoming more chaotic. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, our minds seek some peace and quiet, as we seek some ways to cope with all the stress. To this end, meditation could be an effective way to ease our minds. Reputable institutions too have emphasized the importance of meditation in our time. For example, The US National Library of Medicine published a peer-reviewed report in 2014 that outlines the benefits of a daily meditation regimen. The report shows that the routine can actually reduce stress levels, improve anxiety symptoms, and help build your coping mechanisms.

Considering the advantages and the growing popularity of meditation, several meditation apps have been released in the last couple of years. The latest addition to this list is “Maloka,” an immersive experience designed with VR for both Quest and Quest 2 headsets. It is a calming immersive experience that gamifies the guided meditation experience that helps you create a personalised meditation routine and puts you on the path to finding inner peace.

Maloka is set in a soothing, picturesque universe developed in virtual reality. Your journey will begin from your own private island. Here you will get a chance to explore various otherworldly environments with a vast array of surprises to be discovered. Further, you will be given tasks to be completed within a given time. For each successful task, you will be rewarded with a calming interaction and prizes that you can use to fill your island with sculptures and vibrant, colourful plants. The more you progress on your daily meditation routine, the more your island will grow in size. And the healthier your meditation routine becomes, the island will continue to transform to more diverse, vibrant, and beautiful as if becoming your very own utopia.

At this point, you might wonder “what’s so great about Maloka? There are hundreds of other meditation apps and VR games that offer the same experience!” Well, here comes the twist. In this immersive mediation experience, you will be accompanied by two trusted friends. One is a cute spirit companion that starts off the journey as a little, clueless creature but grows with you as your journey progresses. The other one, hold your breath, is Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Yes, the beloved planetary scientist and astrophysicist will guide you through the meditation experience as the “Voice of the Universe”.

Maloka is also unique in terms of using real-world science to simplify the VR meditation process. The experience is created by authors Elizabeth and Sukey Navagrotz, the sisters-in-law duo who wrote the unique book Just Sit. The creators designed Maloka to help those new to meditation. The app not just immerses you in a serene 3D environment but also helps you achieve deep mindfulness.

Maloka is now available on Quest and Quest 2 via Quest Store. You can even access the experience via a companion app available for both Android and iOS devices when you are not around your VR headsets.

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