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HTC Vive Will Soon Open Its Own NFT Store

The leading tech giant jumps aboard the NFT hype.

With the emergence of augmented and virtual reality, the digital space has undergone a paradigm shift in the last few years. With tons of innovations and upheavals, various new features were introduced to us, and this has changed the way we see the world today. One of the most significant introductions in this regard is NFT, and over time, it has gained massive popularity all around the world.

Not only NFT has made a notable place in our digital lifestyle, but NFT trading volume has also gained a massive surge in recent times. In the third quarter of 2021, more than $10.7 million worth of digital assets were sold worldwide, which is a staggering 704% increase from the previous quarter. As per CNBC’s reports, this rise is a direct result of the steady and growing belief in emergent tech among investors. Also, it is the apparent worldview that owning NFTs provides the investors some kind of social status that contributes to the rising acceptance of the crypto world.

Following the increasing hype of NFT trading, several tech giants and other leading organisations have already joined the NFT market. The latest addition to that growing list is HTC, the leading tech company known for innovative technologies and cutting-edge computer manufacturing. It is reported that the company will be joining the NFT market by expanding the “VIVERSE” the own metaverse of HTC Vive to include its own NFT store specifically dedicated to art and culture. The platform, in the coming time, will hopefully evolve into a self-sufficient digital ecosystem where one can buy, sell, and digital artwork as a creator, curator, and/or collector.

The inaugural sale of the HTC Vive NFT store is scheduled for 17th December 2021. The event will reportedly host exclusive NFT artworks created by renowned Czech digital artist Alphonse Mucha. These artworks are created as part of his partnership with the Mucha Foundation to commemorate the launch of Mucha to Manga—The Magic of the Line exhibition to be held in Taipei around mid-December. Collectors can view the new line of NFT artworks based on Mucha’s creations throughout the event as well as buy them. Further, the HTC Vive NFT store will hold a special auction during April 2022.

The company also reported in an official statement that the HTC Vive store will be accessible through the Vive Arts website. This platform will allow investors to sell and/or buy various kinds of digital art in, such as in 2D, 3D, AR, and XR. Creators will have complete control over their NFTs and will be able to trade them in cryptocurrency as well as traditional government-approved currency (e.g., dollar). Creators will also have complete control over the volume of artwork they make available for selling on the platform.

Cher Wang, Chairwoman and Co-founder of HTC stated in the official press release that VIVERSE is an excellent opportunity for the company to shatter the barriers that divide the physical and virtual worlds. To achieve this, the company is focusing on immersive technology.

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