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Google Pixel Watch 2 Gets Doublepoint Gesture Support

Google Pixel Watch 2 now offers doublepoint gestures for XR smartphones

 The latest update of Doublepoint Technologies’ well-known “WowMouse” motion-touch control programme for Android wearables has been released. Doublepoint Technologies is a pioneer in gesture detecting technology.

The business claims that support for Google’s Pixel Watch 2 has been added to its free app. In only one month after its triumphant introduction at CES in January, WowMouse has amassed over 30,000 downloads from Samsung Galaxy users.

By turning smartwatches into wrist-based mice, WowMouse modifies the way people interact with them. Users may easily use phones, tablets, PCs, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets, and more with smooth Bluetooth communication.

Doublepoint co-founder and CEO, Ohto Pentikäinen remarked that WowMouse achieving a user count of 30 thousand within a single month is a testament to its indisputable influence in the industry. He emphasised that this is an indicator of how much better wearable device communications need to be. 

By offering customers an intuitive wrist mouse, Doublepoint’s WowMouse solution leverages the WearOS platform to provide gesture-touch control for wrist-based devices, therefore expanding the realm of human-computer interaction and improving consumer experiences with wearable technology.

According to Pentikäinen, since the company launched the WowMouse software for the Pixel Watch 2 on Samsung Galaxy Watches, the ever-expanding audience has been asking for help. WowMouse’s gesture recognition system will be available to significantly more wearers of wristwatches because of its compatibility with the Pixel Watch 2. Since the tech sector has seen a huge growth in expectations for this sort of device interaction and management based on consumer request, the company’s team is delighted to continue providing support for additional devices.

WowMouse’s gesture-touch software is compatible with AR and VR headsets and connects effortlessly over Bluetooth. It provides users with a convenient method to interact with XR devices and improves their overall experience. Doublepoint claimed to provide “unparalleled” device control experiences in the AR/VR and gaming industries because of its very delicate interface movements, which include pointing and choosing.

Doublepoint is allowing industry preorders for its Evaluation Kit. Developers and manufacturers may easily explore new methods to enhance existing and future consumer goods by integrating Doublepoint’s transformational gesture detection technology into the kit, which includes a wristband, powerful algorithms, and assessment tools. Advanced gesture recognition, licensable software for smartwatch and fitness tracker integrations, and reference designs for novel device categories such as input wristbands are all offered by Doublepoint.

Doublepoint said that it hopes to provide state-of-the-art human-computer interactions that may be advantageous for a variety of applications and that it wants to make gesture detection technology more widely available.

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