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Frost & Sullivan Commend CGS For Introducing the Teamwork AR

Frost & Sullivan recently presented the 2020 European New Product Innovation Award to CGS for its Teamwork AR solution. This app is compatible with every device, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and presents users with access to self-guided assistance in an AR setting. It makes the solution useful for training, technical, and help desk support.

Industry analyst Leonardo Sampieri said that once a device that requires repair is located using the device’s camera, the user gets a range of predefined options. A question and answer approach then follows, where the user presents information to the Teamwork AR app and executes the mentioned steps; Teamwork AR then sees whether the issue has been fixed.

This process means that any malfunction that needs to be resolved, has to be first translated into some required and alternative steps, potential workflows, as well as visually animated representations.

Various magnificent outcomes

Sampieri further said that the combination of augmented reality, self-guidance, human-machine convergence, and outsourcing scale lets Teamwork AR deliver various magnificent outcomes. It includes enhancing training options, accelerated technology adoption, reduced costs and downtime, and lower return volumes.

For instance, a factor operator can be guided, even without real-time human assistance, via a maintenance process. Teamwork AR can further come handy in a training scenario, where a specific device is digitally presented to the trainee, and which lets firms economically and conveniently scale to a big workgroup, as the whole training takes place in a virtual environment. The sales team can use the app with salespeople to complement emails, documents, phone calls, and linear video with digital demonstrations that vastly enrich the sales experience.

A wholly virtual inquiry

Apart from these, the app can replace a voice call with a wholly virtual inquiry and troubleshooting experience. Such a machine-first and self-paced approach signify that there will be an involvement of agents only when Teamwork AR’s existing customized content cannot solve the problems. The less involvement of agents will lower the directly associated costs as well. Additionally, Teamwork AR can support business development activities and help present new prospective profit opportunities.

Crowd-sourced self-improvement

Sampieri also said that the solution contains a crowd-sourced self-improvement procedure. Different troubleshooting suggestions are present for other users, and companies also consider them while searching for ways to assemble/disassemble processes, improve machine design, and for CX, training, or UI. The app’s adjustable bandwidth capabilities are another exciting feature, and it is ISO 27001 compliant that ensures safety in case of data handling.

The award

Every year, Frost & Sullivan gives this award to the firm that has created a unique feature in a product with the help of the latest technologies. It helps recognize the product’s benefits or value-added features, and the increased ROI it offers customers, which also raises client acquisition as well as helps in the overall market penetration.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize businesses operating in various local and global markets for portraying remarkable achievements as well as strong performance in sections like technological innovation, customer service, strategic product development, and leadership.

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