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Fieldbit Platform Gets New Feature for Augmented Reality-based Data Visualisation

Fieldbit, a proven leader in real-time augmented reality (AR) collaboration and information space for field service applications, made a recent announcement regarding its latest development. The company has added a spatial computing real-time data visualisation feature to its knowledge platform.

Spatial computing is a technology that equips field service operators and technicians with enhanced navigation functionality in crowded and multiple-asset environments. It also enables them to achieve better maintenance and operation, along with the faster resolution of key issues.

Operators of refineries, process plants and oil rigs, and technicians can perform easy location of devices and components by utilising colour-coded status alerts, data, instructions and IoT information with their handheld devices. Technicians, off-site managers, and operators can make use of devices like smartphones, tablets and smart glasses to streamline their workflows, by being able to obtain IoT information and real-time data related to machines. This information is available to the professionals even when their machines are not in proximity or located within other equipment.

The introduction of spatial computing has added another facet to Fieldbit’s enterprise AR platform. This new addition has improved Fieldbit’s ability to cater to additional systems to help industrial asset owners and manufacturers surpass the hurdles faced by field service technicians. It is particularly true for professionals who work with complex and costly pieces of industrial machinery.

The latest AR Visualisation feature lets field technicians detect issues exactly and in an easier manner, with the help of visual mapping technology that puts labels on specific problems. Fieldbit’s objective is to innovate and introduce new features to make the work of technicians less complex, to let them perform better real-time problem-solving. – Evyatar Meiron, the CEO of Fieldbit

The range of AR technologies provided by Fieldbit helps remote location workers work with management and experts in real-time, by using smartphones, smart glasses, and other devices. Collaboration involves using a shared field-of-view, in addition to step-wise automated instructions for preventive maintenance during processes, and application program interfaces (APIs) for enhancing real-time IoT data or real-time legacy automation systems.

Fieldbit is emerging as an innovator by offering AR-based solutions that let enterprises develop, collect and spread the vast knowledge and expertise which was restricted to the minds of experts. The software platform is making the knowledge accessible to all, to facilitate the fast and hassle-free resolution of issues. Fieldbit’s range of solutions centralises the expertise and knowledge of the experts with its innovative technology. The expertise and knowledge are being made available in a secure and unique way, capable of storing interactive augmented reality instructions, documents, diagrams, images and videos with annotations. The solutions being offered by Fieldbit are GDPR compliant.

J.C. Chambers, Venture Associate at DCP Midstream, acknowledged that Fieldbit’s AR-based remote mentor capabilities have led to enhanced efficiencies for his company’s operations. The AR tool has reduced downtime through instant expert troubleshooting.






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