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Facebook is All Set to Realize Zuckerberg’s Idea of “Metaverse”, Gathers Up a Team of Experts from Instagram, Oculus, and Facebook Gaming

Facebook has been a trailblazer in the space of social networking. Since its inception, it has introduced a host of incredible ideas that has significantly revolutionized modern communication; and there is no stopping for the social media giant. As their latest endeavor, Facebook is all geared up to materialize its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of “Metaverse”. As described by the tech tycoon himself in his address to the Wall Street, the Metaverse is going to be an ‘embodied internet’, which we are going to be in it actively, instead of merely watching the content. Working towards this idea, Facebook has kickstarted an overhaul which could potentially lead to a sweeping reimagining over time that would entail massive investments as well.

Zuckerberg stated that Metaverse is going to be the future of the internet. It is the goal that Facebook is working towards. Breaking down his idea of ‘Embodied internet’, he said it is essentially going to be a virtual environment powered by augmented reality where we could be present with various people at the same time. In other words, it would be a collection of digital worlds where users could navigate between a variety of virtual reality experiences seamlessly.

Idea behing Metaverse

As of today, virtual meetings have restricted people within small, glowing rectangles on their computer or smartphone screens. Zuckerberg remarked that in his vision of the internet, this is not how people are meant to connect. The idea behind Metaverse, therefore, is to free them from the barriers and open an unrestricted digital space where users can communicate, work, and game without any impediment. All they would require is a VR headset.

A Team of experts

As a kickstart to the project, Facebook Inc. has reportedly ensemble a team of experts from Instagram, Oculus, and Facebook gaming to build a product team for the Metaverse. The team is going to be a part of Reality Lab— Facebook’s VR wing. Andrew Bosworth, the Vice President of AR/VR technology at Facebook said that the collaboration is a significant step towards realizing the ambitious project, for it would require leveraging all the resources and expertise the AR/VR at these organizations experts have harnessed to date.


The Oculus division of Facebook has been a pioneer in the domain of VR and AR hardware as well as content since it was founded, and it is only growing with time. Bosworth wrote in a social media post that Oculus and Today Portal can teleport users into another room and help them meet other people virtually, regardless of any physical distance. However, the proposed Metaverse would require more technical support to move seamlessly between spaces removing the barriers of physics and making it as seamless as moving from one room of a house to another.

Radically transformed

Upon the realization of the Metaverse, the nature of virtual communication will be radically transformed for good, Bosworth stated with notable optimism. Zuckerberg too remarks that is going to be the future of the internet. He also reported that his company is set to invest an estimated $2 billion in the development of Metaverse and looking for breakthrough technologies that could accelerate the full achievement of the vision.

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