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F1 sim racing performance improved by immersive technology

In an effort to boost its credentialed outcomes in the 2023 F1 Esports Series, the Alpine Esports team has introduced a number of new tech partners.

During the Alpine Esports Sim Racing Expo, which E&T held at its F1 plant in Oxfordshire, the news came out. Each product was talked about, the situation of the sim racing market (which is expected to be worth over $13 billion by 2026), and Alpine Esports’ goals for 2023 and beyond were laid out.

The head of Esports, Gaming, and Web3 at Alpine, Guillaume Vergnas, said at the event that simulation racing has been a big part of the company’s history. He said that the results show that the line between real-world racing and racing simulations is getting blurrier in places where both can help test cars with accurate data from both. This is especially the case in the areas where simulation racing can help them test faster vehicles.

Vergnas said that thanks to the immersive technology, the team might be able to talk to different prospects better. The team is able to pursue their professional aspirations in F1 Esports and the Le Mans Virtual Series thanks to the backing of its partnerships, which also provide them with chances to communicate with fans in novel ways and provide operational assistance to the Business Unit.

One of its new partners is the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (XR) firm Varjo, which has just become the Esports team’s official VR partner.

The company, which is already an active player in the world of simulation racing, has developed a variety of features with the intention of catering to the needs of drivers. The manufacturer claims that its Varjo Aero headsets provide vision that extends to the very edges, advanced ergonomics, integrated eye-tracking, an in-built cooling system, and assistance in reducing the effects of motion sickness.

The company claims that the XR-3 headset from the Finnish company is the first and only one of its kind to be developed with a resolution that is readable by the human eye, and that it immerses users in an extremely realistic experience of mixed-reality driving.

According to Varjo’s Head of Racing Simulation Rune Huse Karlstad, Varjo and Alpine can bring drivers right into the action and push the frontier of VR/XR Esports technology together. Karlstad said that the firm is excited to work with Alpine Esports to shape the future of virtual racing, and its team can’t wait to see what type of ground-breaking experiences they can develop together.

While fans and drivers will be able to enjoy immersive experiences thanks to the Varjo Aero headsets, the XR technology will be put to use by the Alpine Business Unit, which is more comprehensive.

Alpine Esports will get Varjo Aero VR headsets, which will be used during competitions and in the brand-new Alpine Esports Content Room, which was built inside the F1 facility and has more than £50,000 worth of equipment to allow immersive content and livestreams.

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