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Dufry & Perfect Corp. collaborate to deliver AR to airports

Perfect Corp. has joined forces with Dufry, a global travel retailer, to introduce AR virtual try-on capabilities to airports worldwide.

In order to provide in-store and online virtual try-on encounters for makeup and skincare items from 15 prominent companies, Perfect Corp. and Dufry have combined their expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) based beauty and fashion tech solutions.

Travelers passing through London Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester, and Barcelona airports will now have the opportunity to experiment with AR makeup products from esteemed brands like Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Guerlain, and Huda Beauty. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in the travel retail industry, as Perfect Corp. envisions expanding these AR-powered virtual try-on shopping experiences to other airports in the near future.

With an extensive global network of over 500 brands, Perfect Corp. simplifies the deployment of virtual product Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) across multiple points of sale. Retailers have the flexibility to choose the brands they wish to collaborate with, and upon receiving brand approval, they can seamlessly integrate AI and AR technologies into their shopping journeys. Through its comprehensive SKU database of over 350k items, Perfect Corp. empowers retailers to make an array of virtual SKUs available to consumers.

Perfect Corp.’s founder and CEO, Alice Chang, emphasised the firm’s commitment to provide merchants a priceless tool. She said that the company’s real worth comes from being able to provide merchants wishing to interact with their consumers, wherever they may be, with numerous virtual SKUs representing various companies. Through its collaboration with leading online travel store Dufry, the company’s team can stay in touch with customers on and off the internet. She expressed that the company sincerely thinks that by providing cutting-edge purchasing trips to customers throughout the globe, its personalised and engaging digital solutions for luxury as well as beauty goods may aid in the tourism industry’s turnaround post-COVID.

Time is often a constraint for travelers, making virtual try-on solutions a game-changer. By offering personalised and efficient shopping experiences in a fraction of the time, these solutions enhance conversion rates and customer engagement for airport retailers. Perfect Corp. caters to the travel retail industry with a diverse range of virtual try-on solutions, including makeup, skincare, eyewear, jewelry, and watches.

Lee Adams, the leader of Dufry’s worldwide digital smart shop, voiced satisfaction at giving consumers access to the virtual fitting tool. He said that in line with the company’s digital ambition to revolutionise the passenger encounters, it has partnered with Perfect Corp. Adams added further that customers can quickly find the ideal items thanks to the effortless incorporation of artificial intelligence and augmented reality into the buying process, sparing them hours at the terminal. The company is interested in bringing this novel technology to the 75 nations in which it conducts business and discussing potential joint ventures with Perfect Corp.

For more information about Perfect Corp. and its augmented reality-powered virtual try-on solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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