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DPVR collaborates with ArborXR to provide virtual reality headset based remote administration

DPVR, a virtual reality device design and manufacturing company based in Shanghai, has recently revealed information about its partnership with ArborXR. The latter is a professional AR and VR-based content distribution and device management ecosystem.

DPVR indicated that it opted to collaborate with ArborXR to solve several of the inherent problems with deploying several virtual reality devices across business organisations. The revolutionary platform by ArborXR lets businesses effectively streamline and roll out updates across several devices. This is possible regardless of where the wearers are located.

ArborXR’s software can also be deployed on DPVR’s ‘P-Series’ standalone virtual reality headsets. It enables companies to maintain a sizeable network of many thousands of virtual reality and XR content that is deployed remotely.

According to a statement by DPVR, implementing the ArborXR platform with the P1 virtual reality headset has helped the company create new pathways. This is due to the different modification options being offered with DPVR headsets.

Designated hardware add-ons can be selected for the devices with DVPR by a variety of potential users such as developers, government agencies, training service providers, and system integrators. Some of these add-ons include 5G mobile connectivity, eye-tracking, heart rate monitors, and more. These are all options that can have a positive impact on how well organisations can grow their development capabilities. Based on information from DVPR, the add-ons can be managed without any hassle from the software provided by ArborXR.

Businesses that rely on devices from DPVR with the ArborXR software in them will be able to witness better outcomes by relying on features for remote management. An example of this is healthcare providers who are able to distribute standalone headsets for countless clinics and institutions. Each institution or clinic can get their hands on a number of headsets whilst in their classrooms. Companies can also possess training and safety items delivered to people around the world without any noticeable delay.

Will Stackable, Co-founder and CMO of ArborXR said that the solution was created based on the feedback from end-users and considering their pain points. Stackable sake that the company has been driven by the purpose of detecting and resolving the fundamental issues with implementing XR fleet scalability. There are multiple facets to this, such as content deployment, device handling, and generating user experiences. He emphasised that the team is focused on reaching the future goal where most customers consider XR as a useful tool for helping people focus on important things, rather than being brushed aside as a distraction. Stackable expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership with DVPR to deliver solutions that make it easier for businesses to diversify their virtual reality fleets.

Derek Liu, the VP of DPVR, also acknowledged ArborXR as a suitable partner. He said that the tech company’s software is intuitive enough to address some of the very real issues faced by larger businesses today.

According to Liu, the ArborXR collaboration will enable DPVR’s high-level customers get better workplace agility.

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