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Discover Puerto Rico to Introduce Cutting-Edge VRtour

CyberDyme, a prominent leader in virtual reality (VR) sales and marketing solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Discover Puerto Rico, the official destination marketing organisation for the captivating island.

By presenting CyberDyme’s revolutionary VRtour innovation and providing an unprecedented level of immersion for prospective clients, they are poised to completely transform the hospitality and travel sectors.

VRtour, an innovative proprietary solution developed by CyberDyme, empowers sales representatives with control like never before. This state-of-the-art technology signifies an unprecedented leap forward in VR adoption within the global travel and tourism sector. Presenters may lead prospective clients on a captivating tour of Puerto Rico’s great convention centre, gorgeous terrain, lively tradition, and delicious gastronomic excursions thanks to the realistic personalised virtual reality (VR) experience that is delivered and skillfully handled from a tablet device.

According to CyberDyme Co-founder and CEO, Juan Sotelo, his team is excited to work with Discover Puerto Rico to transform the experience and marketing environment for travel destinations. Virtual reality (VR) tours allow the company to take prospective visitors to Puerto Rico. On such an experience, they can be immersed in the island’s culture and natural beauty in an entirely novel way.

Discover Puerto Rico hopes to increase customer interaction, boost revenue, and establish itself as a cutting-edge venue for a variety of activities with CyberDyme’s realistic virtual reality (VR) tools.

According to Ed Carey, Discover Puerto Rico’s Chief Sales Officer and Director, the company is excited to work with CyberDyme to provide its partner companies with a world-class sales environment. With VRtour, the company’s team has the opportunity to provide meeting organisers with an enthralling perspective on Puerto Rico’s unique appeal, allowing them to form a meaningful relationship with the location that goes beyond typical advertising campaigns. Carey stated that they are certain that this collaboration will considerably improve how visitors perceive their stay in the city whilst encouraging them to choose it as the site of their next gatherings.

A few of Puerto Rico’s unique features include El Yunque, the sole tropical forest in the U.S. Forest System, and the island’s bioluminescent bays. Exceptional locations, cutting-edge technology, and unique places go hand in hand with these astonishing characteristics. With VR capabilities, it is now simpler than ever before to experience the region’s varied offerings, including the breathtaking DISTRITO T-Mobile, an outstanding five-acre interactive setup situated in the centre of San Juan, the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the biggest and latest facility in the entire area; the Coliseum of Puerto Rico, a huge indoor venue; and the secluded Antiguo Casino.

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