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Darabase is providing revolutionary AR advertising platform

Darabase has announced its intention to provide a groundbreaking platform that will revolutionise augmented reality advertising. This comes after five years of constant innovation, backed by industry experts in marketing, augmented reality, real estate, ad-tech, and technology.

This innovative technology fills a vacuum in AR advertising by addressing the problem of obtaining consent to place adverts over real estate. With significant funding from digital behemoths like Apple, Meta, Snap, and others, mixed reality and augmented reality experiences are fast taking over everyday life. Darabase’s platform seeks to provide a more methodical way to get consent.

The platform’s main goal is to provide property owners the ability to turn their real estate into augmented reality billboards. This will allow them to establish a restricted area for digital information and adverts, which is something that is now lacking in the AR market. Through the platform, real estate owners may also profit from the monetisation of their tangible assets.

Conversely, Darabase’s platform would make it easier for marketers to post their ads and establish connections with customers. Permission is required by law for these kinds of actions, and Darabase’s platform provides a means of obtaining the required approval.

In addition to shielding properties from uncontrolled immersive digital material, the platform attempts to assist marketers in taking advantage of the $680 billion digital expenditure. This programme will protect individuals from unsolicited augmented reality advertising while also adding value and income.


According to Darabase co-founder and CEO, Dominic Collins, property digital rights may provide worth and income for owners while shielding properties from unsolicited augmented reality marketing.

Collins emphasised that significant augmented reality deployments are already happening, thus not a distant prospect. Based on Statista’s projection for this year, the $680 billion global digital advertising market is seeing an increase in the use of immersion augmented reality (AR) media. This change is made possible by Darabase, which delivers an infrastructure for augmented reality advertisements that is safe for companies, complying, and gives customers an amazing experience.

Given the plethora of opportunities presented by augmented reality advertising, Darabase thinks property owners need to be able to safeguard their assets and regulate how their spaces are utilised as AR content canvases. Property Digital Rights (PDRs), which are subsequently recorded as safe tokens on the Polygon Blockchain, may now be purchased via the company’s marketplace.

In addition, property owners may use the Darabase portal to register their portfolios and claim their PDRs. The firm is providing free registration for the first 1,000 properties that use the platform.

Scott Kaplanis, Managing Partner at GroundBreak Ventures, praised Darabase’s effort and acknowledged the industry’s support, saying that as a leader in ushering in a new age for outdoor advertising, Darabase gives property holders the ability to assert their digital rights.

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