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Crazevr Offers Communities Experience Reality Differently with its Virtual Arcade Experience

Latest gaming encounter introduced by the company in Southwest Michigan

Virtual reality gaming experience destination CrazeVR, is owned by Mark and Stephanie Rutherford. Launched about a month back, the company providing VR entertainment and games came to being as a result of two years of groundwork.

Now, the Rutherfords are observing the results of bringing immersive gaming to a community, as CrazeVR is drawing the crowds. Co-owner Mark Rutherford expressed that watching individuals try virtual reality for the very first time is a delightful experience for him. He revealed that through the arcade he wanted to express his love for technology and gaming through public offerings.

An avid PC gamer himself, Mark had come across virtual reality technology a few years back in Chicago.

The concept of starting a virtual reality business came to Mark’s mind when he and his partner Stephanie had taken their daughter to a VR lounge.

Mark revealed that he and his family members were hooked onto the experience then, and even booked another hour of it.

CrazeVR, is situated at 2560 S. Cleveland Avenue., Suite 5, in St. Joseph Township. It offers a total of six gaming units and opens up about 71 different gaming experiences for visitors.

The building housing the CrazeVR gaming arcade can seat up to 43 people, and can host corporate events or parties. It also has a lounge and an extra room upstairs meant for accommodating people who are not using virtual reality paraphernalia.

CrazeVR offers its virtual reality experience through HTC Vive Pro VR headsets, which according to Mark are the latest headgear options for the games. He emphasised that the headsets do not require tethering as they are cordless.

The Michigan VR gaming arcade has had customers ranging from 7 to 84 years of age till date.

Some of the experiences help people explore new exercises for boosting their workouts. Apart from that, there are also experiences of STEM programmes for those interested. – Stephanie Rutherford

A game known as “Becoming Homeless” has garnered a considerable amount of attention. It involves giving its players a deeply engrossing insight into becoming homeless after facing eviction.

The founders have even created an entire wall to accommodate a game by the name of “Richie’s Plank Experience.” Participants of this experience have to muster up the courage to walk over a virtual plank. If successful, they get to sign a specific wall.

According to Stephanie, the VR plank walk experience is a way of winning over people who are cynical about VR.

The Craze VR project had been in the co-owning couple’s agenda for about two years, but it came to fruition only during the early phase of this year.

Speaking on the aspect of opening up the arcade, Stephanie said that she and her partner decided to jump on the opportunity. She revealed that Mark was responsible for helping to consolidate the project in the best way possible.

CrazeVR appointments can be made on the phone, online, and in person.

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