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Color of Change Introduces “The Pedestal Project” An Augmented Reality Experience to Empower Racial Justice

Color of Change Introduces "The Pedestal Project" An Augmented Reality Experience to Empower Racial Justice
Color Of Change, the biggest online racial justice organization of the country, launched a unique program known as “The Pedestal Project” on Instagram. It is essentially an augmented reality experience available on Instagram that allows users put the statues of racial justice leaders on empty pedestals where the confederate figures once stood. This is seen as a refreshing change as well as a symbol of progress and equality.

Honor racial justice champions

The organization has long advocated in favour of removing contentious statues for a long time now. With the launch of the AR project, Color Of Change will now use the technology to portray statues that are worthy of the reverence and respect of the future generations. The project launches with the erection of statues of three most significant racial justice champions to honor their contributions and struggles.

Augmented Reality project

Color Of Change stated that these AR statues are now available to be placed on the empty pedestals that used to portray the likes of Stonewell Jackson and Robert E Lee. The current statues will feature John Lewis, former US Congressman and a notable Civil Rights leader; Chelsea Miller, co-founder of Freedom march, NYC; and Alicia Garza, author and principal at Black Futures Lab, also the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The campaign launched via the project encourages people to safely go out within their community and find an empty pedestal that used to be a confederate symbol, and replace them with the new statues. They further urge people to take a video or picture of their experiences and share them on social media pages by tagging @ColorOfChange. The Pedestal Project Instagram lens can be activated on Color Of Change Instagram page via any mobile device at any time, anywhere. Upon accessing the Project lens, users will be able to access a gallery with the new statues. They can place it atop the empty pedestal to and listen why change is essentially worth fighting for in the racial justice leader’s own voice. The AR experience is reportedly immersive and easy to use.

Replace statues

Rashida Robinson, president of Color Of Change remarked that the nationalist officials in their time hoisted these statues to resist progress and encourage white nationalists. Therefore, it will not be enough to just remove their statues. They must be replaced with statues that are compatible with the change. They must bear the true efforts to replace laws for the people who are fighting for justice. This is why the organization is focusing on the said figures who fought against anti-racist policies and for the betterment of the country.

As more Instagram users are joining The Pedestal Project, Color Of Change is simultaneously calling for constructive actions. You can join their movement by signing their petition to replace the empty pedestals with the new symbols of equality, justice, and hope. Color Of Change is a pro bono initiative undertaken in collaboration with BBDO New York, a trailblazing creative agency.


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