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Coach and ZERO10 Collaborate for Metaverse Fashion Week

For the second edition of the annual Metaverse Fashion Week, Coach and ZERO10 have teamed together to provide virtual reality try-on services.

As March concludes, Decentraland’s Luxury District will play host to the 2nd Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), in which other major international companies are set to display their virtual gadgets. MVFW is a multiple-day exhibition that mixes haute couture with augmented reality try-on equipment to provide guests a distinctive, interactive experience.

Coach will participate in Metaverse Fashion Week for the first time this year, from March 28 to March 31, designed to showcase its product lines in the simulated exhibit. Prominent designers and businesses will be present at the expo, giving Coach a unique chance to exhibit its renowned leather goods in the virtual world.

Coach will debut its renowned Tabby pouch with a special AR augmentation as a component of its forthcoming activation throughout MVWF, in what is a collaborative effort with ZERO10. Customers in Decentraland will be able to digitally put on items using the ZERO10 app, offering a novel and entertaining chance to discover the brand.

The utilization of cutting-edge technology to create an augmented reality effect gives the simulated runway show an original spin and gives users a fresh perspective on interacting with Coach’s wares. Customers may digitally try on clothing, accessories, and even makeup using augmented reality try-on. Potential customers of a product may use a virtual mirror to imagine how they might appear while using it.

ZERO10 is an international e-commerce portal for the fashion industry that uses augmented reality to let users virtually try on clothing. Its iOS feature enables users to virtually try on clothes using their cell phone camera, add things to a virtual closet, and generate online content.

The digital collections are joint efforts of renowned and up-and-coming labels, designers, performers, and creators, and are issued in small batches inside the application. The app’s movement tracking innovation lets people virtually try on clothes before posting them to social networking sites, while the cloth toolset creates the illusion of fabric movement in videos and images.

The motif of this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week, “Future Heritage,” promotes collaboration and interaction between established and up-and-coming fashion designers. Manufacturers will implement interactive digital experiences when on the runway, or off it, as part of a future event.

Pieces from Dolce & Gabbana’s virtual design contest Future Reward will be on display. Tommy Hilfiger plans to release new wearable tech and artificially intelligent products every day. DKNY will also have a temporary eatery and a full-fledged art exhibition. Adidas will make an appearance at MVFW this time, joining Coach. The sportswear giant is set to introduce the first ever range of digital wearable technologies for holders of its “Into the Metaverse” NFT selection.

Additionally, Coach will take part in Brand New Vision (BNV), a Web3 fashion hub that actively encourages visitors to try on wearable tech from numerous international manufacturers immediately and without any hassle. To display the digital apparel lines developed in collaboration with renowned labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Vivienne Tam, and Carolina Herrera, BNV has established specially built terminals. Additionally, a recently constructed “Fashion Plaza” will display cutting-edge virtual haute couture prospects.

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