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ClassVR Helps Saint Louis Public School Leap into VR Learning

ClassVR is supported by ESSER Funds for Saint Louis Public Schools

With ClassVR from Avantis Education, a number of schools in the Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) administration have committed to enabling pupils to experience the full potential of virtual reality (VR) technology this academic year. The district’s seventeen schools have so far purchased the acclaimed AR/VR headsets—which come with hundreds of VR and AR content pieces supporting every subject—using federal ESSER funds. The roll-out is scheduled for later in the academic year.

Haddock Education Technologies’ Douglas Combs oversaw the acquisitions after SLPS leaders and instructors attended an ESSER presentation. ClassVR will give schools what they want when they come to them asking about the benefits of AR and VR technology in the classroom, Combs added. School administrators at SLPS were looking for a fun and interesting way to get pupils interested in the material being taught in class. ClassVR is the ideal solution.

An all-in-one VR/AR headgear called ClassVR was created especially for K–12 classrooms. It contains all the gear, applications, instruction, assistance, and execution services required for instructors to integrate AR and VR in their educational settings, and it is employed by over a million students worldwide in a hundred thousand classrooms. With ClassVR, educators can access hundreds of VR and AR materials and content to improve their teaching and get students more involved in their education.

Pupils may virtually go on adventures such as diving with sharks, hiking with polar bears, or time-traveling to witness life in a dugout during World War I. Avantis, introduced for the 2023–24 academic year, matched more than 400 ClassVR social studies, sciences, and English language arts courses to U.S. State Standards, giving instructors greater value and efficiency.

ClassVR meets the eligibility criteria for ESSER funds as it assists educators in promoting academic success and mitigating learning setbacks.

According to Huw Williams, CEO of Avantis Education, school and district leaders are looking to cutting-edge technologies to help them enhance academic achievement. AR/VR is an important component of these discussions. Williams added that his team is excited to be able to introduce the potential of VR into even more educational institutions, both in St. Louis and throughout the nation, thanks to ESSER financing, which is making these advances more readily available for educational institutions.

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