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Chicken Waffle Launches Dedicated XR Creator Fund to Raise Money for Indie Devs

The proposed XR Creator Fund will collect money and support smaller XR developers and help them bring their unique creations to life.

Indie XR Creator Fund
Chicken Waffle, the renowned XR developers, have recently announced that they will be launching a brand-new Indie XR Creator Fund. The aim, as they stated, is to help the budding VR and AR creators by providing the necessary resources and supporting them to publish their XR creations, launch AR/ VR games, and debut their gamified NFT projects.

Growing popularity
In the last few years, augmented reality and virtual reality have received wide popularity across the world. Beyond scientific and technical applications, the technologies have moved forward to be utilized in various fields, especially in gaming and entertainment. But along with the immersive social experiences, a promising trend of XR art has also become significantly prominent with time. Today, numerous developers around the world are pursuing their talent and creativity in developing stunning artworks, games, and other immersive experiences while trying to make the big debut on international platforms. However, the task is not easy. They would require ample resources and support like any other creative community to make the dream come true one day.

Experience and resources
Chicken Waffle states it is their responsibility to provide the resources and publishing support that they need. There are millions of hard-working, promising artists and developers out there, and they all have the potential to amaze the world. But in reality, the job requires a bit more experience and assistance that they don’t have access to. As an established group, Chicken Waffle has already gathered the necessary experience and insight into the know-how of this new world. As a pioneer, now they are ready to share the resources with the newcomers and struggling devs. The team is ready to provide support in everything, be it programming, designing, or publishing support.

To date, the developers’ guild has made a reputation by working with some of the giants in different fields, which include NASA, Disney, Magic Leap, and AWE as well. They recently launched an investment campaign via SmartEngine that allows those interested to directly invest in the company. Currently, Chicken Waffle is listed with a valuation of approximately $75 million.

Support indie devolopers
Finn Stabber, Founder, and CEO of the company have said that the vision behind the XR Creator Fund was rooted in the desire to support indie developers. He added that the talent pool is exceptionally promising and could achieve incredible success if they are supported by an experienced and resourceful developmental pipeline. This is what Chicken Waffle is determined to provide.

Stabber said that the company is ready to explore a variety of projects and cater to their unique needs. However, the assistance is designed more like a collaboration, meaning once you are a part of the XR Creators Fund, you are partnering up with them to realize your project.

XR Creators Fund will be launched as a StartEngine Campaign. An official website will be launched next month to inform the developers more about the fund.

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