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Block Out Real World with Rare Realities’ Brand-New AR App

Finally, there is an AR app called voxelizeAR that lets you filter out reality and immerse yourself in the virtual 3D world completely.

Rare Realities LLC, a US-based tech company, released its brand-new AR app that allows users to transform the real world into stunning 3D pixels (also known as voxels). The outcome is similar to the effect that media channels use to censor sexually explicit and/or violent images. For now, the AR app is only available for iOS devices. Users who own an iPad or iPhone 10 and above can download the app from Apple Store for free and start dabbling in 3D pixel art to transform reality.


The function of the app is pretty simple. It scans your surroundings and looks for all kinds of flat surfaces. Once it is identified, the app lets you paint over the image with 3D pixels and thus, block out some part of your physical environment. You can also determine the size of the pixels by choosing the size of the brush. What’s more interesting, the app can also transform moving objects into 3D pixelations by responding to changing colour in real-time. As you finish transforming the environment on screen, you can also be able to capture a photo of your moving project and share it with your friends. Way to show your quirky side, isn’t it?

Anything and Everything

In case you are thinking about what kind of objects you can transform with this app, let us tell you—anything and everything is in play. Be it a ginormous billboard on the roadside or a distracting car moving past your frame, just pick up the brush and turn it into pixels. If you are one of those swanky iPhone 12 Pro MAX or iPhone Pro owners, then you are getting more out of the voxelizeAR. These advanced devices feature LiDar technology that can generate more detailed pixels. The additional sensors of Lidar-enabled devices allow their users voxelize 3D objects individually as opposed to standard flat surfaces. The result, as you might expect, is a more impressive and finer pixelation on screen.

Not just for novelty

The developers of voxelizeAR remarked that the app is not special just for its novelty factor. Rather, they are optimistic that the app would showcase a unique technique of 3D transformation. This feature enables the app to transform random bits of reality into 3D pixels using AR technology. Further, the transformations made possible by the app can work on moving objects as well. This feature certainly adds more dynamism and wow factor to the outcomes. Therefore, as the developers anticipate, the app can be a key tool to develop 3D art in the future.

Various other applications

Other than censoring real-world images with 3D pixels, there are also various other applications of t voxelizeAR. However, it is only a matter of time before we explore and leverage its multifaceted abilities. Rare Realities has also announced that more features and updates will be soon added to the app in the coming months of 2021 itself.

voxelizeAR is now available on iOS devices for free.


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