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Black Cherrie Management Introduces New VR Solution

Marketing company Black Cherrie Management is planning to transform brand engagement and business processes. It has implemented virtual reality (VR) technology into its solutions for clients to create better brand experiences.

The company is focusing on amalgamating conventional marketing tools with digital-driven concepts for enhancing value and generating more inventive brands.

The agency announced the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how it is becoming relevant in the lives of consumers. It stated that accessibility of content and information has become instantaneous with just the click of a button. According to the agency, brands adapting to, and embracing the frequency of transformation are doing themselves a favour when it comes to the prospect of surpassing competitors. It added that 4IR showcased to what extent digital change affects industrial and national progression.

Lerato Molete, MD, Black Cherrie Management, remarked that brand competition has changed and that the standards have grown. She said that steering ahead of competitors is now about who can offer creative solutions the fastest.

Molete revealed that current consumers are looking forward to being a part of unique experiences. She said that Black Cherrie Management offers VR and AR-based services that help business owners grow their brand. Molete expressed that business owners readying their brand for the future need to think about the possible future requirements of consumers. They also need to think about what tools will be required to address consumer requirements. Molete also said that using virtual reality technology for hosting team building sessions and board meetings, along with conferencing will turn into the new way of doing things. Brands can use digital technologies to facilitate engaging and immersive experiences for employees and consumers.

The agency conveyed that virtual tours enable the consumption of content on smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops. According to the information revealed by the company, virtual tours enable brands to enhance visibility for online searches, facilitate round-the-clock availability and initiate photo-realistic experiences.

Black Cherrie Management revealed that immersive technology enables potential buyers to observe spaces and properties in real-time. They can do this without having to visit a location. According to the brand, such a prospect helps to enhance brand experiences for potential customers. It changes behaviour and establishes future standards across both the local and global markets.

Black Cherrie Management has revealed information indicating that it has created a custom VR experience for the North West Tourism Board. It will contain an exhibition of various tourism hotspots that are spread across the province.

The agency has been a part of events like the launch of the MACAH Foundation. It has also contributed to The Sunday Times Generation NeXt Interactive Showcase to a 360-degree virtual environment.

According to Molete, digital-driven solutions can bring an element of possibility into what is generally considered impossible. Brands re-prioritising strategies to incorporate digital tools for brand awareness can become more resilient to economic and industrial changes.

Molete said that the agency recognises how to aid brands in adapting to the world of the future.

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