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Austria to Provide Europe’s First City-wide 5G AR Experience, Proves Capacity with Vienna City Hall Wonderland

Azoome/ Da Vinc
In an innovative initiative, Austria plans to become the first European country to provide a city-wide 5G network in the city of Vienna. And to demonstrate the capacity of the novel technology, the Austrian authority has launched a Use Case Challenge. In response, Azoome/ Da Vinci, a UK-based kids’ media company, created an incredible 5G AR experience that turns the Vienna City Hall into an explosion of magic and color.

The Power of 5G for Creating Immersive AR Experience

The 5G AR experience by Azoome/ Da Vinci creates a model of the iconic city hall, Vienna Rathaus, and fills it with magical creatures, colorful shapes, and everything that comes in between. The creators stated that their aim was not only to demonstrate the potential of the 5G network to the Austrian government but also to blend entertainment and education to provide an exciting opportunity for kids for learning history in a fun way. In the city hall, the 5G AR creates an unforgettable experience for kids as they witness historical characters engage in fun, unusual activities, such as performing skateboard tricks, jumping on a trampoline, or even playing football. Other areas of the Rathaus are transformed into underwater environments, filled with submarines and colorful aquatic creatures.

Azoomee creates 5G powered immersive AR experience
Azoomee creates 5G powered immersive AR experience

The Use Case Challenge That Sparked Creativity

This exciting initiative to blend entertainment and education through the AR experience originally came into being following the Use Case Challenge announced by the local authorities of Vienna. The primary aim was to make all the mobile phone users have access to 5G.

Appreciating Azoomee/Da Vinci’s work in this space, Klemens Himpele, CIO of the City of Vienna stated that they have been immensely impressed with the quality of the creations that different companies submitted for the challenge. However, Azoomee/Da Vinci’s creation stood out particularly by the merit of their capacity to combine innovative technology with the heritage of this historic city. He said that this app is exactly what they hoped for achieving from this challenge. Himpele also believes that this AR experience has the potential to grow further and include other notable landmarks in Vienna as well as the country in the future.

T-Mobile launches 5G network in Austria
T-Mobile launches 5G network in Austria

The Path to Materialize the 5G AR Experience

In the effort to address the challenges involving real-time response to user input, the creators have reportedly utilized the Vuforia Area Target environment tracking feature developed by PTC. The project began with a detailed, meticulous 3D scan of the Vienna Rathaus using a scanning camera with 3D depth. The scan covered the entire 800 square meters area of the building (approximately 8611 square feet) and created a replica of the historic building.

Douglas Lloyd, the CEO of Azoomee/Da Vinci said that they were more than ecstatic and excited at the same time about the opportunity they got to showcase via the 5G Use Case Challenge. He stated that they too were thrilled to use the dynamic capabilities of Vuforia and 5G networks t translate the rich history of Vienna and turn it into an engaging, immersive learning experience for children. Lloyd further expressed his optimism regarding the 5G AR experience by saying that it is only the beginning and in the future, they will strive to add more historical sites into the experience.

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