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Audi Reveals the Brand New Augmented Reality Display in their QR E-Tron

Audi Reveals the Brand New Augmented Reality Display in their QR E-Tron
Audi, the German automobile giant has recently unveiled the interior of their new electric SUV QR-Tron prior to its launch scheduled in next month. The design is a prime example of modern SUVs and makes way for cutting-edge technologies into Audi’s next-generation EV. The highlight of the reveal has been the new augmented reality (AR) heads-up display that is going to be placed in front of the driver. This AR display is said to provide a wider field of view, along with more accurate and improved animations. The company reported that the new technology will contain the following features:

The AR system will contain an animation that can track the cars ahead when using its adaptive cruise control;

It will effectively put a prominent red line over the lane markers using animated features to inform the driver in case they are drifting too far away to one side;

The AR system will also have a turn-by-turn navigation system that would place a bright blue arrow within the field of view of the driver.

Audi states that this new augmented reality system can pull over 1000 signals from all over the vehicle to determine where exactly to put these AR elements, and subsequently, to keep them in place. These features will work even when the QR-Tron is being driven on a bumpy road. This comes as a great reassurance for the drivers nonetheless, for when your car uses dynamic graphics, it is important that they look as much as realistic as possible, or things can go really awry and disorienting.

Q4 E-Tron
Q4 E-Tron. Source: Audi

Almost There

Although Audi is all geared up for the trailblazing technologies to be incorporated in their model, it is still a little unclear how they will actualize the entire vision. During the unveiling, they have shown only a few simulated animations and features of the new VR heads-up display in action. To know more about the technology and how it truly works, we will have to wait till the QR-Tron is launched in April this year.

Even Bigger

Apart from the heads-up display, the new QR-Tron may also feature the biggest touchscreen the German automaker company has put in their vehicles to date. It is reportedly going to be 11.6 inches diagonally, which is almost an inch bigger than the standard Audi touchscreens.

AR head up display. Source: Audi
AR head up display. Source: Audi

The QR-Tron is the third car in Audi’s all-electric vehicle lineup. However, it is going to be the first model to be powered by the modular MEB platform from the parent company Volkswagen. Audi reported on Tuesday that the new EV is going to 15.1’ long, 6.1 wide, and 5.3’ tall. The dimension puts the vehicle in Audi’s larger compact SUV segment. Practically, it is smaller than Audi’s original E-Tron model as well as Tesla Model Y. The company stated that the smaller size, along with the use of a modular MEB platform means that the vehicle will be lighter than the original E-Tron.


All these features are expected to push for Audi’s success with the new QR-Tron. It is more approachable in size and looks more similar to a solid platform from Volkswagen, though it will still feature lots of Audi styling and exclusive technology.

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