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Atmos Labs Closes $11 Million Seed Round to Fuel Advancement of Metaverse Sports

The long-awaited metaverse game experience focusing on facilitating simulated ownership in an innovative sci-fi dimension gets its first iteration.

Atmos Labs, Inc., a play-and-earn solution creator for the metaverse, has completed its acquisition of $11 million in a seed round for the development of Atmos. It is a competitive virtual world laid out in a sizeable sci-fi universe. The solution has been aimed at stimulating the emergence of metaverse-based sporting events. Animoca Brands, FBG Capital, RedBeard Ventures, Collab+Currency, DWeb3, LD Capital,  Alumni Ventures, GSR Markets Limited, Avocado Guild, CoinGecko Ventures, Unix Gaming, and several others participated in the round. Sfermion led it. The funds will go towards the creation of the Atmos game world, along with helping to grow its team and expand its community reach.

Till now, virtual environment-based competitive sports have not seen widespread adoption, due to a variety of factors. There have also been questions raised regarding the legitimacy of offerings and whether they could indeed be classified as sports. More recently, VR ecosystems backed by the blockchain elements such as NFTs and DeFi, which represent the metaverse, have made a considerable effort into changing the usual conceptions of what sports can be defined as. In the novel concept, the spectator is central to the realm within which the gamer also resides.

Atmos is the unique play-and-earn offering that develops immersive encounters within virtual spaces. It is set to blend e-sports with several aspects of conventional sports including the fan sphere. The virtual game and its plotline are built by seasoned professionals from domains such as automotive, gaming, industrial design, cryptocurrency, films and comic books, with the objective of developing the metaverse-native sports categories. Atmos players are set to do more than just play the game. They will sport their unique gear, personas, and team members owing to DeFi, NFTs, and concepts related to the metaverse.

Atmos, according to Atmos Labs’ Founder & CEO, Kevin Beauregard, will be the next progression of gaming. He said that individuals will assemble in the metaverse to witness the panorama of competitive rivalry, as they tend to do in the real world. He emphasised that the company is developing metaverse-native games and entertainment features that are capable of adding enthusiasm and material to the notion as a whole.

Sfermion managing partner Andrew Steinwold said Atmos provides a fresh mishmash of magnificent visual appeal, a robust digital economy, and ample competition, whilst adhering to its purpose of facilitating custodianship. He elaborated, saying that from developing games and dynamics to putting efforts into content production, the Atmos Labs founders have assembled an extremely gifted team that one might expect from a company that has been in business much longer.

Dylan Bushnell, VP of Game Design at Atmos Labs, stated that the team is dedicated to building a universe in which gamers can produce value via play. In addition, they are also able to have and exchange resources in some metaverse marketplaces and gain full control over created environments. Aside from any blockchain-related integrations, the sports being invented are all standalone.

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