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Aspiricx Harnessing AR and AI for New FINIS LaneVision App to Aid Swim Training

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Aspiricx has moved closer towards its goal of assisting swimmers to unlock their full capabilities with the introduction of ‘FINIS LaneVision’. It is an AI-based performance tracker application to let swimmers improve their approaches.

According to Aspiricx, FINIS LaneVision is introducing a novel technological aspect to sports through an easy-to-use smartphone app. The application can be used by coaches and parents to record video of a swimmer during practice laps. They can also use pre-existing videos of swimmers. The features of this application let its users perform precise recording and analysis of data, sans any sensors. After an app user has recorded the swimmer through it, the FINIS LaneVision feature analyses the footage and outputs detailed data. Some of these data parameters include distance per stroke, turn times, stroke rate, real-time velocity, splits and underwater velocity. This data is then utilised by coaches to assist swimmers in polishing their techniques to meet key objectives.

John Mix, FINIS co-founder said that the offering aims to make swimming easy for both athletes and their coaches across all levels. He revealed that the LaneVision application can utilise the cameras of smartphones, tablets and iPads to capture all the essential swimming metrics. The application was originally designated as being a cutting-edge tool for coaches. Yet, analytical data is made available to swimmers and their parents through its user-friendly features. This enables swimmers to take a more proactive improvement approach with their coaches.

The AR FINIS Lanevision app being used for swim training. Image source: youtube

Aspiricx believes that a distinct hurdle for AI-based swimming technology has to do with the integration of computer vision with water. This has prompted them to create FINIS LaneVision in a way that it takes water surface light reflections into account. It also performs precise three-dimensional scans of swimmers, fetching their exact dimensions to ascertain their strokes will be tallied across suitable scientific models. The visual data is projected through augmented reality (AR), and the application offers real-time. Using AR projection of visual data, it provides real-time comparisons and feedback, and documents stroke measurements through Apple’s AR kit.

Natalie Coughlin, 20-time World Championship and 12-time Olympic medalist, is the honorary Chief Aspirer at Aspiricx; her role is to bridge the gap between the worlds of technology and swimming and to introduce swimmers to technology that can let them improve their approaches. According to Coughlin, swimming has a lot to do with optimizing one’s technique. Training time has to be driven up in order to observe improvements. She said that swimmers are now able to use technology meant precisely for them. It is also something that can aid in improving technique and endear them to the sport more.

Aspiricx CEO and founder Kannan Dorairaj, said that the company has the objective of equipping swimmers with the tools to achieve the best of their abilities. He added that FINIS LaneVision lets swimmers and their coaches perform remote video analysis to ensure continual practice. It has an effect of making swimmers feel more focused on improving their skills. Dorairaj said that advanced technology like what is being offered was previously available to only world-class professionals.

The FINIS LaneVision can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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