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ARway V3.0 Enhances AR Solutions for IPN Market

ARway to Use AR Solution to Take Up Growing IPN Market

Version 3.0 of ARway’s SDK is updated with a wealth of new capabilities.

Recently, ARway released version 3.0 of its platform’s SDK, adding a wealth of capabilities to enhance the service as a no-code AR content creation platform, continuing its path to provide business-ready immersive wayfinding solutions.

Users of the AI-powered immersive solution may design custom assistive reality graphics for a range of commercial settings. Users may also access new features with ARway version 3.0, such as amenity pin uplift, low light compatibility, improved SLAM integration, updated location pin indication, peripheral markers, and an SDK update.

ARWay CEO Evan Gappelberg said that the business is excited to present ARway V3.0, a noteworthy advancement in the use of AR in commerce. With these improvements, ARway will be in a better position to take the lead in the expanding IPN market, which will boost sales and profitability. Utilising cutting-edge AR technology, ARway aims to generate value for its investors, partners, and consumers. The company is laying the groundwork for the next wave of augmented reality experiences and navigation with ARway V3.0.

The announcement follows ARWay’s declaration that a range of business end-users are using its immersive software as a service (SaaS) platform, which is driven by AI.

The company demonstrated how end customers, such as, 3D Marx, and Aigentless, utilise ARWay’s no-code service to create unique spatial navigation visualisations, which has significantly increased the platform’s use in the hotel and retail industries.

ARway has partnered to reach a worldwide audience with their AI-powered AR navigation experience platform.

Notably, the company collaborates with Intuitive workplaces, a global property technology company that oversees more than 35,000 workplaces throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, and many other countries.

ARWAY’s ARwayKit SDK enables the company to integrate and improve interior navigation services at its sites throughout the globe thanks to its relationship with Intuitive Workspaces.

Workplace analytics are provided by Intuitive Workspaces to maximise the use of available space, workspace layout, and sustainability programmes. They have just begun using ARWAY’s technology for indoor augmented reality navigation in a variety of settings, including amenities, workstations, conference spaces, and demo theatres.

In another collaboration, ARWay’s Wayfinder technology will be used by City Electric Supply (CES) across its 1,000 branch sites in eight different nations. CES intends to use ARWAY’s technology to customise the experience for wholesalers and contractors at internal events.

To promote its AR solutions across the area, ARWay has also teamed up with influential Saudi Arabian figures. AI Safer is owned by The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts’ Agency of Record in Saudi Arabia, and the subdivision intends to use ARway’s technology for guests by March 2024. Creating wayfinding visuals is made easy for customers by a cutting-edge no-code system.

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